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Another Groupon deal makan outing, this time it was at Sixty Nine Bistro. These people were ready for the Groupon crowd, we were shown to our table and given a preprinted form to order our meal Afro hairstyle, platform shoes and bell bottoms would fit in nicely with the retro atmosphere at the bistro. The decoration might seem a bit tacky to some and I noticed part of settee were cracked and some spots on the wall might need a coat of new paint. But the place was cozy and oozes charm. the official website :

For appetizer we had chicken ham roll with vegetable – the four pretty rolls came to our table planted in a bowl of ice. Apart from keeping the rolls cold , I think the ice might had somewhat diluted the taste of the chicken ham which made these rolls rather tasteless. For my second roll, I enrolled Chunny’s help to eat the ham while I conquer the crunchy carrot-cucumber-celery sticks.

Mushroom soup was next- these came in tea cups rather than soup bowls which was practical and cute- which also meant that the serving wasn’t that big lah. The taste of the soup was average

 For my main course, I decided to try the Ayam penyet set, this came with steamed rice, chicken  and fried tofu. Ayam penyet is literally translate to mean flatten chicken – the process of ‘flattening’ usually involved lightly smashing the fried chicken with a pestle in a mortar. I think the cook must have been a  softhearted person or had a prior warning from RSPCA- the chicken drumstick that I was served seemed to be in an unflattened state. Taste wise- I liked it, the meat was soft and very flavourful and worked perfectly with the warm steamed rice.The deep fried tofu were crispy and light. I likeyyy..

Chunny had the cheesy fish and chips –fish fillet baked with mozzarella cheese and accompanied by salad and chips. I must say that the dish doesn’t look like your regular fish and chips lor. Chunny was happy with her selection and seemed to likeeeyy this too.

Dessert was next.. how could anyone go wrong with ice cream and choc stick..yumm

Oh, there is one thing unique about Sixty Nine Bistro , after filling your tummy, you can have a sit down with the astrologer and have your fortune told. The bistro offers  horoscope and tarot card reading! Sorry- that is not a part of the Groupon deal  !

 Location :
No 14. Jalan Kampung Dollah, Off Jalan Pudu,55100,Kuala Lumpur
Telephone & Fax:  +603-2144-3369
Business Hour:
Mon-Fri: 04:30pm – 1:30am
Sat-Sun: 02:00pm – 1:30am