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Scan the  racks for  the latest Korean or Hong Kong fashion ( so claimed the stall owners), salivate at the colourful cakes and breads, check your reflection in the shiny stainless steel crockery, catch a whiff of dried Chinese herbs, you can do all this (and more) while weaving your way through the OUG wet market crowd .

Restoran Sun Sea is across the street from the OUG market and filled with goodies. You can get ‘pan mien’, ‘pork ball noodles’, char koay teow, mee jawa, wat tharn hor, curry mee- the works ( almost)

We ordered  pork ball bee hoon, and you don’t just get minced pork patties (also intestine and liver) , you also get squid and prawns plus  generous amount of vege.  I find the soup overly sweet  thoughpork noodles

The char koay teow was not too bad, tasty and not too oily


The curry mee didn’t look too  impressive when it arrived ( the portion didn’t seemed that big too ) , the gravy was a bit on the thin side but luckily that didn’t compromise the taste. Tried to look for some chicken meat, but you  get prawns instead , with  taugeh and tau-pok. Not bad.  kari mee

I was intrigued by the stickers on the table advertising Authentic 3 layer tea. Below is the studio versionadvert

  Below is  the ‘real’  kopitiam version. the drink is  actually :  tea + milk + gula melaka ( palm sugar) . The  verdict  ? the gula melaka overpowered the other 2 ingredients and I felt like I was sipping cendol ? a bit too sweet for me and errr..i don’t think I will order this againtea

Recommend to try the  Pan Mien , it’s pretty good,  Jawa mee -average  and uummm..had bad experience with  the wat tharn hor though

Parking can be a problem at OUG wet market, we parked further away at a small lorong and hmm…guess what I found ? ….. now I know why traffic is so bad at OUG lorr..  or maybe too many people fell through the manhole and someone decide to make it noticeable  or maybe this is a landing spot for UFO ? or maybe this is Malaysia’s smallest roundabout ?arrows

 location : OUG wet market

Restaurant Tin Sum 點心之家@ OUG

Posted: April 18, 2009 in @ OUG

Restaurant Tin Sum – no prize in guessing what they sell. Curry Mee  lorrrr…errr…NOT.

You can usually expect a big crowd here, but one doesn’t have to wait that long to get a table. When you are hungry and you see this  bamboo thingy full of hot steaming  dimsum ..ahh…. my heart skipped a beat ( not too many lah ,or I might need an ambulance, let’s be rasional here !) , my  pupils dilated, my throat tightened – kinda like being in love.. 😛


They have quite a large, variety of dimsum, the ‘traditional’  siew mai, har kau, chicken feet , fish balls etc  and other ‘innovative’ dimsum as well, or maybe I hadn’t been out of the cave too much..

Pix below- Top right ( with the green target practice thingy)  is fish paste + meat on hard boiled egg whites- I find this a bit bland, because the egg white which took up more than half a ratio of the unit is tasteless , as egg whites are.Bottom left- meat wrapped in fish paste- not bad , the other two dimsum were good as well, one thing I like about the stuffings in the dimsum served here  is , you don’t feel like you are eating a whole lot of packed minced meat, it doesn’t feel heavy or too meaty.


Pix below – In the larger plate- fish paste + minced meat + century eggs + prawns + carrots ,  with chicken lining the bottom portion – and all wrapped in fried soy sheets ( Fu pei) – how can this not taste good ? yummy.

The steamed fishpaste wrapped in soya sheets ( the oblong pale thingy ) is pretty good, the fish paste texture is nice.


The Chu Cheong Furn – not bad,  the other one- minced meat + prawns +carrots + century eggs wrapped in fried crispy soya sheets. GOOD !!


The char siu pau _ Hmm..Good


 This ala Alleycats afro thingy – as it arrived


This is what it looked like after being cut- under all the wanton skin shreds -salted egg yolk + big chunks of prawn + minced meat…Wonderful.. one can seldom find fault with the taste salted egg yolks horr…


We ordered way too much, so, I had to forgo the wu-kok this time around.. sniff…what a pity..maybe next time !


Location : beside Public Bank, close to pet shop, along part of the OUG morning market,


Open everyday except the first Monday , or was it Tuesday ? of the month,  sorry, anyway, to be safe , don’t go on the first mon or tues of the month …

Steven’s Corner @ OUG

Posted: October 8, 2008 in @ OUG
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What can I say about Steven’s Corner ? When I first heard of that name, I thought of steaks and chicken chops, and only  found out later that  it’s more like  teh tarik and tosai.

Steven’s Corner started since 1977 as a little mamak stall at the corner of the road  in OUG Garden, to find out more about Steven’s Corner and the history – you can visit their website :

roti belum canai

roti belum canai

 We saw an empty table in a almost fully occupied shop and in order to get to my seat, I had to go around the table to the other side, as the family occupying the next table had their seats pushed back so far that I can’t get past to get to my seat ( why KL people so inconsiderate one, your bum so big meh ?) . One of the reason is that there is really not much space to move around.

The crowd seemed to be regular customers as they seemed so comfortable at the tables- one guy had both his feet up on the chair while wolfing his mee goreng and reading the papers, the diner at the other tables greeting the waiters like  old friends.

teh sudah tarik

teh sudah tarik

The roti kosong and the curry was normal, nothing to shout about. From wikipedia :

 The term “canai” derives either from:

  • Chennai, a city in India which is formerly known as Madras. Roti canai is presumed to have been introduced by immigrant labour from the Madras region where a similar combination of paratha and dalcha – the accompanying lentil curry – is served.
  • “Channa”, a mixture of boiled chickpeas  in a spicy gravy from Northern India which it was traditionally served with.


The roti tisu was wonderful, the insides of the cone was coated with sugar, making it crispy and sweet. I didn’t bother to dip the roti  into any of the 3 kuahs as they taste just fine au naturel . I think I could easily finish 5 ( or maybe 10) of those


The Tosai was average, what I would like to grouse about is the kuah dhall, it was not very good kuah, i think I can find  much better kuah at most mamak stall around town.

As a wrap up, from tasting the rotis and tosai ( not fair to evaluate the other food as I didn’t try them) , I would say that the quality of food is nothing I can’t find in the neighborhood mamak stalls lah.

Steven’s Corner,

18 & 18A Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2,

OUG Jalan Klang Lama,

58200 KL

Tel : 77819762

 location map