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A few days of working days plus one day of sightseeing in Kota Kinabalu, that sounded like a not bad deal huh ? … We stayed at Le Meredian, I was lucky to be given the room with the sea view and access to the sunset..

 One grouse about the hotel, the hotel took the usual environmental stand about the guest having a choice to reduce the laudering of towels and linens but hor..the funny thing is there is a card in  the key card slot bearing a ‘please do not remove’ sticker  meaning that even when the room is vacant, the power supply will still be running . Because of this, everytime I leave the room at the beginning of the day, I make sure that I turned off the TV, the airconditioner and the lights but to my dismay when I come back to the room at the end of the day,  , the air conditioner and lights were turn on and left on , by housekeeping …OOi !! why like that one ?

Ok..back to food…the first night in KK, there was an official dinner at Port View Seafood Restaurant, it was just a few minutes walk from the hotel..and at the foyer of the restaurant, I was spellbound by the ‘condominium’ of aquarium..walauweehhh

 And hmm…look at the price of these XXL tiger prawns..

 There were 13 of us, and we were told that it was a bit too tight to squeeze all of us into one table and so the group was  separated to two tables

 First up:  prawns.. plainly steamed…Hmm…these were fresh and sweet,,thank goodness for vastatin…

 Steamed fish….although so simple a dish, this was oh-la-la, the fish was fresh, fresh and fresh. This is so very good..steamed just right..and because there were only 6 of us at our table, everyone could get many helpings of  the fish . After the meal, we found out that this was parrot fish and it was at RM380 per kg and what you see below cost about RM500. ( seriously…after knowing the cost of the fish, most of us felt ‘sakit hati’..RM500 for a must be kidding! Mr Boss was not too happy that the person that ordered the dishes took such liberty in ordering such a pricey dish) 

 Lobster in wet butter sauce..i said a silent prayer for the vastatin… the lobster was  fleshy and the meat was succulent and crunchy, the wet butter sauce was creamy and worked well with the lobster. This was nice ( and cheaper than the fish..haha)

Stir fried kailan – finally, something that was guilt free, the kailan was stir fried with garlic. 

Beef with black pepper sauce- I wouldn’t have guessed that this was beef, i thought it was venison or maybe ostrich ..the meat was tender and just-nice-chewy…frankly..i am still not sure that was beef.

Fried beehoon – for fillers, we had fried bee hoon, which was pretty nice too

Overall, an enjoyable meal…plus beers and wines , the meal for the total two tables came to ~ RM3,100

Lot 18, Grd Flr, Anjung Samudera ( The Water Front),
Tun Fuad Stephans Road,
88000 Kota Kinabalu
Tel : 6088 221753, 242875

After a long day on the road visiting  customers, it was a relieve to finally come to the end of the day and  have a nice cool drink and get myself engulfed in smells from food. Mr Host suggested seafood for dinner, how could I say no ? I always look forward to my trips to East Malaysia – especially to Sabah where the seafood are fresh and  reasonable priced. We stopped at the SEDCO Square which housed the seafood centre called – Kampung Air Seri Mutiara , there were 5 or 6 seafood restaurants under the same zinc roof ( they told me this used to be an open air area). Did a search on the WWW and found this link to Seri Selera , please click here

Seri Mutiara Seafood Restaurant has 2 type of seating , either the open area or in the air-conditioned area at the shoplot beside the open area, we chose to sit in the open area.


Mr Host and myself  let  our traveling companion ( TC)  do the ordering as he seemed pretty well versed with the menu..Mr Host was more interested in puffing away on his ciggies  ..


First up – white clams 沙白with spring onions and ginger – the very light flavour of the gravy did not ‘interfere’ with the dish- which brought out the sweetness and freshness of the clams. These were good clams


This was followed by some seashell thingy – which was advertised on the banner as strombus caranium 东风螺( RM8.80/kg) from Wikipedia- this is commonly known as ‘dog conch’  , this was steamed -plain. How to eat  ? Use the toothpick provided to prick into the opening of the seashell and then slowly pull out the curly whirly meat. Although with no gravy , these strombus caranium thingy were really tasty..the texture of the meat were firm yet not tough, springy and sweet. Loved it, loved it….turned out that Mr Host does not eat strombus..which meant that the 2 of us had to finish the 1kg of conch  – not that I am complaining..


Stir fried fern ( paku) with dried prawns – some of the ferns were a bit old / fibrous –  but the crunchy dried prawns and the well balanced  flavour  made up for this minor shortcoming


Fish (Underwater chicken ) 海底鸡 – this was at  RM10 per kg and the piece you see here cost us RM60. I do not know why this fish is called underwater chicken- but this seemed to be one of the more expensive fish ..there was a orangy blob in the cavity of the fish, I thought this to be the egg, TC generously scooped a big portion of this orange blob to my plate and said ‘Omega 3’ , the texture doesn’t seemed like that of fish eggs which are usually with a grainy-ish, this was smooth and for my arteries sake, I hope that this was really Omega 3 and not the egg lah..the soy sauce gravy was light and enhanced the sweetness of the fish..they know how to treat their fish. Another winner !


Crabs with cloves ( RM8.80/kg) …the crabs were meaty and fresh, the gravy fragrant and worked well with the crabs, apart from enjoying the crabs , I was busy licking my fingers and enjoying the gravy . Yes, we have another winner.


Turn out that Mr Host is really a small eater, maybe 1/4 of yours truly ( that probably also explain that he is also about  1 / 2 the size of yours truly. ), we ordered for 3 ( or maybe 4) and there were only 2 of us that did the real  work. it was a challenge to finish the food, but because there were so good, it didn’t seemed like a chore at all.

 TC wanted us to try the dessert – coconut pudding ( although I was already very close to bursting) – as it came so highly recommended, I am not someone who can refuse this. The coconut pudding ( RM12) came in a coconut, it was light, smooth and rich with fragrant of coconut milk . Not bad at all…..


A truly enjoyable meal….

The bill came to RM139.10 inclusive of 3 rice and drinks…

Business Hour: 3pm – 2am daily
Sedco Square, Kampung Air, 88300,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: +60 88 210 400  

Map below copied from Seri Selera website