Restoran Tak Fok得福小厨@ Taman Desa

Posted: October 5, 2013 in @Taman Desa
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Restoran Tak Fok is famous for crabs, lobsters and such..and well, during my visit, over half of the people at my table had issues with cholesterol – so I guess you know where this post is heading- dining at a restaurant that is known for crabs and not order any . When we stepped into Tak Fok, I could hear Cheng grumbling about the colour of the table cloth. Itu lah, we Chinese like red- red colour one, we see white- white table cloth, not so siok one lorrr.setting

The waitress appeared at our table promptly to take our order, she seemed to know well enough about the menu but I found her to be a bit cold and kinda missed the bantering, or maybe it was because she find us weird when we didn’t order any crabs or lobsters.. There was a promotion on at the moment , for any orders above RM30 in one bill, you only pay RM1 for one of dishes on the special promotional menu.

Chopped garlic, chili padi and an interesting looking dip- this tasted like it had dried prawns in it , it wasn’t spicy and rather tasty really.sosPickled raw papayapickles

Chicken with marmite sauce 妈蜜鸡( RM14), the sliced chicken meat were tender and with a slightly sweetish taste, this was nice. I can’t stand marmite when they come in their little smelly, but I find that with marmite dishes, somehow the flavour that I was adverse to will miraculously be non existentmarmite chicken

Braised tofu with seafood 星光豆腐(RM14) – the tofu , I think these were closer to being tau-kwa as there were tougher – were deep fried and then bath in a soupy gravy. Taste wise, this was usual, nothing outstanding.tofu

Long bone pork 一枝骨( RM26) – this was like pork ribs but then there were no big ‘central’ bone, so from the piece you see in the picture below, more than 90% was meat, and it was very good meat too, it was like a cross between roast pork and charsiu, The meat was not overly fatty, not overly lean, it  was moist and tender. This was a magnificent dish. And there were some broccoli served at the side tooribs

For our RM1 promotional dish, we ordered claypot brinjal, this came with minced meat and gooey black sauce. a good choice. This was nice too.brinjal

The total bill came to a bit less than RM75 including drinks ( herbal drink which received good comment all around) and 3 rice. The portions were not that big but I think that it managed to feed 5 of us without any problem.

Overall, an enjoyable meal, maybe next round I will visit Tak Fok again without those cholesterol laden people ( opps, I should mention that I am one of them ..) and have some crabs ! what say you ?

No.26a, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa (Faber Plaza)
Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur 58100
Tel : 7981 1446

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