Quan An 18A @ Binh Duong, Vietnam

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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I had to catch a flight back to KL in the next few hours and before sending me off to the airport, Mr Host  had to feed me first lah.. We stopped by at Quan An 18.  We sat by the river, or maybe I should call it a swamp instead, the water seemed stationary and sometimes when the wind change direction which luckily wasn’t very often,  we get a bit of a pong.swampy

Mr Host did the ordering, and while was having the discussion with the waiters,  me and Mr Driver had some titbits. Mr Driver was also busy playing Candy Crunch at the same time, and he was already at a 300+ level, while yours truly was only at ..err…so as not to embarrass myself I should not say too much ..sufficient to say that it was at a much lower level, enough said.tit bits

The setting at Quan An was nice, attap roofs and all..setting

The menu was multilingual – English, Vietnamese and Chinese, although I was rather confused by what they meant by  Food to fry, distil, disintegration ..menu

For drinks Mr Host had a Sarsisarsi

While I ordered  a coconut, which turned out to be a very aged fella.. it was so old, I was expected toddy from the coconut lah..er..not that one could get toddy from coconut, but you know what I mean ( I hope)coconut

We had pickles  for appetizers , these were rather good, sour and crunchypickles

Grilled pork ribs- this were a bit sweetish, kind of like charsiu and wow..the meat was tender, the flavour was great plus with that char-ish aroma. This was a winnergrilled pork

Blanched pumpkin leaves, before these were dipped in a bit of a soy sauce, healthy ! which made me feel less guilty for eating that additional piece of grilled pork.vege

Mushrooms in tin foil – we had the same dish a few days ago too, but this one tasted the best. Apart from the mushrooms, there were capsicum, some chili and fresh peppers which I liked and hadn’t had in a long time.mushroomThe mushrooms can be eaten with the deep fried crispy noodles, just soften the noodles with a bit of the gravy from the mushrooms.mushrooms noodles

Mushroom soup- mushrooms with tofu, the soup was peppery, not bad really. The reason we had so many vegetable dishes was because Mr Host was a vegetarian for this particular day.soup

Lemongrass chicken – this tasted like a combination of a curry and satay flavour , which was rather rice.  chicken

Overall, an enjoyable meal plus a pleasant environmentGarden

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