Ba Kia @ Binh Duong , Vietnam

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Day 2 – Did some customer visits around Binh Duong  , had a few bouts of discussions, tick tock tick tock..time for lunch ! We drove towards a rubberwood plantation..ekkk ..are we going to hunt for our own lunch ka ? Then a few  pusing pusing here and there..voila..we arrived at an opening and a gate to a restaurant . And this was just one of them, there were several other eateries along the road kiaIt is not everyday that one get to eat in such an environment..great huh ?trees

The trees, the river, the sky, the clouds…and don’t forget the fishes..(the ones in the river, not on the table lah)river

While waiting for the food to be served , we enjoyed some plump cashew nuts  …yummycashew nuts

First up – shellfish with lemongrass.. good food do not have to be complicated. The refreshing aroma of lemongrass plus the sweetness of the fresh shell fish..ahh..wonderful..shells

Tofu and mushrooms in aluminium packet – there were 3 different types of mushroom in the goodie bag. The steaming released the juice of the mushrooms which add to the tastiness of the gravy..tofuA lady then came buy to sell lottery tickets, in the picture below, you see my host check the list of winning numbers against the tickets that he bought yesterday… and no, he didn’t get it so…he bought another set of tickets, each ticket costs 10,000 Dong, which is about RM3.

Stirfried sea thingies—should I call them conches ? sea snails ? I had to push the toothpick into the orifice and then wrestle for a bit and try my best to extract the organism in one whole piece..quite an art , but well worth the effort !snailsAnother lady lottery seller came by, my host politely  told her that we have already brought all the tickets we need for the day..

Soup with chicken and sour vegetables- I have grown some fondness for the Vietnamese sour vegetable soup..nicesoup

Our meal was again disrupted by another lottery, this time a young kid, my host couldn’t find it in his heart to reject the boy, so he bought another set of tickets. I asked the boy permission to take a photo- he asked if I was American..childGrilled beef – the thin slices of beet were lightly grilled to be just cooked. The meat was chewy but not tough , this was lightly sprinkled with pepper which enhanced the natural flavour of the beef. Nice..beef

Then it started to drizzle..drizzle

And then  we were , for the fourth time  visited by a lottery seller, this time -an old man. He somehow reminded me of Uncle Ho Chi Minh. My host politely told him that we have already brought our fair share of tickets for the day and will not be buying any from him, but invited him to join us for tea while waiting for the rain to stop. I was deeply touched by this kind gesture..’Uncle Ho’ sat down and had a few cuppa tea with us

We then ordered some fruits for dessert.  Pamelos and these small cherry thingy. It has a crunchy texture .The red ( ripe) ones were sweet. There are 3 seeds in each fruit which made it a bit messy to eatfruits

Overall, an enjoyable meal as well as a ‘feel good’ meal, i felt a new kind of respect for my host…

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