Day 3, Bye Bye Ho Chi Minh

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Sights
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Our flight back to KL was at midmorning and the plan was to leave the hotel at about 9 a.m, with that in mind, I decided to wake up a bit earlier and have a walkabout Ho Chi Minh city before we make the trip to the airport..

I noticed that compared to my first visit to HCM more than 10 years ago where halal food were kinda scarce, now I can see more and more halal stores to cater for the muslim tourists.champa

The Ben Tharn market had just woken up and the sellers are getting ready, if I could speak Vietnamese, I would have liked to take a seat and have a chat with the old lady and hear her story , but then again….maybe she would rather put her foot on the chair than have me spoil her day..morning

The fruit stalls were not yet open but the elaborate job of arranging the rambutans had already started…rambutan

A stall selling baguettebagutte

I walked into  a small morning market just next to the Ben Tharn

The fish seller skinning a frog.. bye bye my prince.. ribbiiiiittt…fish seller

The coffee stall..if I could speak Vietnamese I would have liked to have a chat with the old man and hear his story , I guess I could have ordered a cup of coffee but then again ….kopi seller

I walked and walked and bumped into a news vendor who was arranging the papers and magazines  and she kindly obliged to have her picture takennews vendor

I walked and walked and bumped into two security guards playing Chinese chess who kindly obliged to have their picture taken. A thought, if I was in Malaysia and someone asked to have my picture taken when I was doing what I was doing, what would I do ? Such an invasion of privacy, silly tourist!chess

My walk took me to the City Hall and the lush park areacity hall1

The statue of Uncle Houncle ho

There was a lotus pond behind Uncle Ho statuelotus

My walk took me to the opera house..what a lovely sightopera

.. and then it was already time to head back to the hotel..ahhh..


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