Beef Stew breakfast and dinner at Ben Tharn

Posted: August 31, 2013 in @ Old Klang Road
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Day 3, same modus operandi as Day 3- we got our 6 a.m pick up to the factory, and before going into the toll station, we stopped at a shop for breakfast.phuc loi

Our hosts did the ordering, so I did not know what we were having for breakfast. First – the baguettes and plates of vegetables were delivered to our table, the a bowlful of something which turned out to be beef stew, I wasn’t sure how to go about eating it, you know la..we all, kampong people dunno what to do with the baguette also one lah.. ok ok…just break the baguette and then dip the smaller pieces into the soupy stew. OOOHHH Laa laaa… this was the best meal I had for the last 3 days  ! The beef chunks was tender, the gravy/soup was beefy, peppery and oh so wonderful…beef stew

Work work work work….and then it was dinner time…As  this was our last night in HCM, our hosts suggested that we moved from Lucky Hotel to stay closer to the city area so that it will be more convenient for us to get to the airport the next day, good idea. We decide to have dinner at the Ben Tharn night market and was joined later by the expat guy from the factory who took us to his favourite stall and took charge of ordering dinner.

The guys had a few beersbeer

Fried squid…rubbery and tasteless..squid

Fried chicken wings ..same taste as the fried squid, i.e tasteless..lucky the chicken wasn’t rubbery like the squids..hehechciken wings

The savior of the day, prawns coiled in potato and deep fried. I am still wondering how they achieved getting the potatoes in such find strips and then coiled around the prawns and then deep fried. The prawns were fresh and the potato added an interesting taste and texture to the dish.prawns

Stir fried kangkong- this tasted of pepper and garlic –and i mean it not in a good way..kangkong

Fried rice – this taste like butter fried rice, it was a bit too dry and very bland..fried rice

Overall- fantastic beef stew breakfast and a forgetful dinner !

This was one of the food stalls at Ben Tharn …but not the one we had dinner at.stall


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