Vietnam-Day 2 : breakfast and Restaurant 13

Posted: August 25, 2013 in @ Old Klang Road
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The customer that we were visiting start work early, we were picked up from our hotel at 6 a.m ( thank goodness my body was still running on Malaysian time i.e. body clock was at 7 a.m, so it wasn’t too tough to wake up) . We stopped at a busy condo area to pick up another person, while waiting, I spot a lady peddling food by the busy road side.  That is what I find interesting about Vietnam, regardless of the wide roads, the tall buildings and the ‘modern’ feel, one could still see street peddlers almost everywhere.peddler

We stopped by a place for breakfast ( sorry, I wasn’t sure where we was) , there was a courtyard within the restaurant serving as a mini zoo, I saw a few dogs, a few caged birds, some chickens running around and lotsa plantsgarden

We were served iced tea .. in Vietnam everything seemed to come with ice..including the beers. In the picture below, you could see the customary plate/ basket of greens that will go into the noodles that we were about to be served.iced tea

Pipping hot beef noodles / pho…yummmy…pho

After that, it was 1 hours’ worth of drive time to the factory, then it was work work work,  we had packed lunchbox at the factory, not bad..then work work work….and then it was time for dinner..Yay..

The expat at the factory who has been staying in Vietnam for 1 year plus recommended that we have dinner at  Restaurant 13

Our hosts did the ordering while I enjoy the night scene..the restaurant was open air and faced the river and it was nice and breezy..night

First up were the prawn rice cakesprawn rice cakes

Nope, you do not eat the rice cakes as they were, that would be sooo boring one lahh….you got to  wrap the rice cakes with some leaves plus come other vegetables , roll ‘em up and eat them . I think the Vietnamese cuisine find one excuse or the other to wrapped their food in some leaves or greens.. the crispy green vegetable and the deep fried rice cakes made an interesting combination, this was tastywrapping

Spring rolls…yummm…as usual — deep fried stuff seldom disappoint !spring rolls

Then we had deep fried squidssquid

Followed by deep fried prawns…i find these were so-so, nothing outstanding, the squid were a bit tough too. So, i will  have to rephrase…sometimes deep fried food can be disappointing also one  lahprawns

After that the waiter brought a tall stack of white plastic something, I was cracking my head to think what these were for, turned out that they were rice-paper.. sorry I was thinking too long and I forgot to take a picture. And then the ‘standing fish’ was served, everyone Ohhh and Ahhh over the fish..Again, another wrapping process took place, take 1 piece of rice paper, add some unriped starfuit, basil or whatever piece of green that you fancy, then take a chunk of fish meat – then roll ‘em up, dip them in sauce  or pungent fish sauce before eating. This was interesting, but personally , I find this dish overated , more like a gimmick thing. The fish had an earthy smell which is not what I particularly enjoy but luckily this can be  masked by the

Overall, an interesting meal but taste wise, it was so-so for me. The hosts commented that this was very good and the price was reasonable (I didn’t get to peek at the bill). I found out from the WWW that there was another Restaurant 13 closer to the town area, this restaurant was also featured on Lonely Planet.

 Location :
15 Ð Ngo Duc Ke , ( close to the University of HCMC)
Tel : 08 3823 9314

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