Lucky Hotel and Hoa Viet @ Tan Phong, District 7, Vietnam

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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This last trip to Vietnam was probably one of the shortest warning  i have experienced  for a working trip , but anyway…such is life and the customer as well as the boss is the king..yadda yadaa yadaa… my colleague prepared everything that needed to be prepared and my duty was just  to bring my passport ( and myself) to be at the airport at such and such a time..

We were booked into Lucky Hotel at Tan Phong, it was a smallish hotel but with such a large number of TV channels and Free wi-fi that could put many 5 stars hotel in Malaysia to shame.. 🙂 . The room wasn’t half that bad

I hadn’t seen clothes hangers like these before so I decide to take a picture hangers

The usual rules and regulation notice at the receptionist area..nothing too exciting, as my ‘mean’ intention was to spot linguistic errors..regulations

We did not have any plans for dinner, so decide to walk down the streets and see what we could find, from the shops around the neighborhood, the area seemed to be catering for expatriates rather than the local Vietnamese and from the number of Koreans eateries and signboards – the larger groups must be Koreans.

We weren’t keen on pizza, fried chicken or burgers and we didn’t see any regular shops selling Pho ( beef noodles), so we settled for a decent looking shop, Hoa Viet with the signboard saying – Chinese Vietnamese cuisine.hoa viet

I decided to go for a some fried noodles plus a yam fritter thingy and my colleague ordered the Claypot seafood tofu plus stir fry cauliflower. The menu was very good, it had 3 languages – Vietnamese, English and Chinese.menu1

For drinks, I had a fresh coconut – the spoon was ‘embedded’ into the coconut – which was rather handycoconut

The saucessos

Seafood Tofu Sichuan Style ( VND85,000) , my colleague was kind enough to let me try some of it, I was expecting spicy spicy as it was Sichuan style, but it was not. This tasted rather peppery with lotsa prawns, squids, some mushrooms and cubes of tofu. My colleague seemed to enjoy this.Tofu

Stir fried cauliflower in oyster sauce ( VND60,000) , this was just like our regular stir fried vegetable in oyster sauce, there was a mixture of broccoli and cauliflower.cauliflower

Fried soft egg noodles with combination meat, Chinese style ( VND 70,000) , there were a mushrooms, green vegetables, carrots, meat and also seafood- there was actually more ‘stuff’ than noodles ! Tastewise, nothing to shout about, it was a bit over salty and peppery for my taste.noodles

Deep fried sliced taro with minced pork and shrimp ( VND80,000)- this was absolutely wonderful ! the taro ( yam) shreds on the outside of the fritters were crispy and those inside were gooey and gave out that lovely yam flavour . To bite into the fitters and get a mixture of yam, meat and shrimp flavour was excellent. Two thumbs up ! yummy yam yam.yam

Overall a reasonably enjoyable meal, more so because the taro fritters had tipped the scale for me. One comment though- I felt really thirsty after the meal –which was an indication of an overdose of MSG lah..

lucky hotel


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