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Posted: August 4, 2013 in @ Kuchai Lama
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I maintain a list of the promotional food vouchers and their expiry dates– this was a result of a forfeited paid meal due to not noticing the dates, thereon , henceforth , dan seterusnya, I have been diligently  keeping score..and when the expiry dates crept closer, I get into a bit of a stress mode, aiyo..makan also susah, why so like that one ?

I have been saving up the meal at Qing He Lo (QHL) for a special occasion because it was a meal valued at RM100 ( although I only paid RM50) . Prior to this , i had already cancelled 2 ‘intended’  meals at  QHL, and finally the expiry date was too close to be ignored and well, every day can be a special occasion that calls for a celebration !

The setting at QHL was pleasant and comfortablesetting

The utensils came all wrapped  and probably even pasteurize ?utensils

The captain came to our table and offered his services, we showed him our RM100 voucher and he seemed a bit concerned- his comment was ‘it is not possible for two of you to finish a RM100 meal’ – then I had to go through the story telling part where there were supposed to be four but then there was only two….

menuMr Captain was very kind, he recommended some dishes to us and then had to run off to add up the figures and then back again to our table to tell us if we were short or over budgeted ..the process was repeated twice and finally we reached an amicable figure..yabadabadoo and I am hungry liao !

First up was pork ribs without aluminum foil 无锡排骨RM28.80) – this was an absolutely gorgeous dish, the taste was perfect ! It was slightly sweet with the rich aroma of cloves and bunga cengkih. The meat was fall off the bone tender. Lovely..ribsStir fried celery with magnolia petals 西芹炒百合( RM 15), this was light and crunchy. The unique flavour of  celery plus the crunchy texture -a nice and uncomplicated dish , and this balanced well with the pork ribs dish which was so rich and full of flavour celeryTofu with vegetable ( RM15) , the tofu were deep fried and then stewed with black fungus and capsicum in fermented soya bean gravy, this was good too albeit a bit over salty.

tofuSteamed fish head 酱椒小鱼头(RM25), the fish was garnished with spring onions, chilis and pickled vegetable, this was slightly hot ( as in spicy) but the combination of the taste worked very well, and  happy to report that the fish was fresh  and sweet.fish

Overall, a good meal and I would probably come back. Contrary to Mr Captain’s prediction, two of us managed to finished the RM100 meal. So there !

And interestingly – we were billed for the utensils too , 70sen per set, I wonder did this mean that we could take them home ? and maybe next time I will bring my own and save some money  ? What’s next, we might  soon be billed for the air conditioned too ? and what about the oxygen ?

Location :
KA3-0113, Kuchai Avenue,
No. 39 Jalan Kuchai Lama 13,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 KL
Tel : 79803688

QHL was not too difficult to find, go past Shell/McDonalds which is on your left, go straight , then you will come to a junction, turn left  that will lead you to NSK – which will be on your right, directly opposite NSK main entrance is Kuchai Avenue, turn left into Kuchai Avenue which is a condo/ business block. Drive a bit and you will see QHL

Qing He Lo

  1. Boon Ngee Lim says:

    Day day also big fish big meat, you need to play tai chi day day to burn the extra fat lei

    Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2013 11:13:25 +0000

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Not everyday eat like that one mah..dun la punish me with taichi!

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