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Posted: July 14, 2013 in @ Midvalley
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While I was looking through the list of the promotional meals daily updates in my inbox- Blue Med was interesting as it was located at Midvalley Megamall and then eh, from the  brief introduction – Blue Med was headed by an Iron Chef, Chef Yasuhiro Sasajima .  I  hadn’t dined in any Iron Chef kitchen before ! Sold….

It was easy to find Blue Med, just look for the fountain that linked Midvalley to The Gardens and beside it, you will see Blue Med. This is said to be a Mediterranean + Italian restaurant

We  find  the selection at Blue Med was rather limited. From the lunch menu- for the  main course : one could opt for 6 choices of pasta with price ranging from RM18 – 24 or 3 choices of 9 inch pizza with price ranging from RM16 – 20 or if you prefer order the main course that include : cutlet of dory fish with carrot  rapees, pan fried sea bass with braise clam and mussel, pan fried salmon with broccoli and cauliflower , rolled chicken with roasted potato or pan fried beef tagliata with grilled vegetables with prices ranging from RM18-38. Sorry ah, no chicken chop Maryland or pork chop with black pepper sauce one- this is Iron Chef you know..don’t play play one..

Our visit was on a Saturday lunch hour, Blue Med had a healthy crowd- almost all the tables were taken up. The kitchen was the open concept style, I was almost expecting to see the chef cursing at the kitchen staff ala Gordon Ramsey style and the  kitchen staff going ‘Yes Chef’ in a chorus..but I guess these people at Blue Med was more civilized than what I saw from  Hell Kitchen med kitchen

We had RM100 to spend and did a bit of calculations before we order our meal to make sure that we do not exceed the budget. We decided to go for :  Capriciossa salad with eggs, beef bacon, black olives and tuna, and the pan fried sea bass plus the Sasajima’s set  menu for RM50 which include soup, a main course of spaghetti , dessert and tea/coffee. (There was also a RM70 set meal )

For drinks, we asked for plain waterwater

First up was bread plus olive oil seasoned with something ..err…  balsamic vinegar (?)..the oil was light and the warm bread had a wonderful dense yet soft texture. I likeyyybread

Capriciossa salad (RM24) –I loved the tuna flakes, the strips of beef bacon and of course the olives , this was delicioussalad

From the Sasajima set menu : Salad of the day with grilled vegetable, grapefruit bubbles and tapenade, the presentation was beautiful, this was the first time ( the suar-par-kau translated to mean monkey from the jungle) that I get  bubbles on my meals and tapenade , the vegetables include yam cubes, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes and unidentified vegetable ( the long ones you see in the pix below) . Taste wise I won’t say this was outstanding but I was still trying to get over the bubbles.salad1

Soup of the day was potato soup, the plate was soo big and the little cavity containing the soup was err..not soo big. The soup was nice very slight grainy texture albeit a bit oily with pieces of croutons floating  in the soup.soup

Pan fried sea bass with braise clam and mussel, seaweed flavour ( RM24), the piece of sea bass was supported by clams and mussels atop the seaweed soup/gravy. The fish was fresh and sweet and the soup was like the Chinese seaweed soup which was an interesting combination . This was kind of hard to photograph as the colour of the dish was rather bland.sea bass

From the Sasajima set menu , spaghetti tomato sauce with grilled red snapper  and cherry tomato, I was a bit worried about the dish as I am not a fan of tomato sauce with my spaghetti but then worries were for nothing as , coating the spaghetti was a light and fresh  tomato sauce which was not thickly overpowering. Iciban !spaghetti

Next was dessert of the day which was walnut mousse and coffee- this would usually costs RM16 but this was also part of the  Sasajima set menu- another beautiful presentation. There were a large number of walnuts served on top of the dessert, a bit too much for my liking as my liking does  not include walnuts. Taste wise, I would say that this was so-so ( not just because of the walnuts) – I find this a bit bland there were no outstanding flavours that screamed ‘ eat me’.dessert


And lastly- coffee…hmmmm…kopi

Overall, a good meal, service was excellent, the staff do not wait to be called but take proactive action, for instance one waiter saw Carmen taking a fork to get some the spaghetti from my plate and immediately , a side plate was delivered to our table. And when dessert came , two spoons were provided.

Location :
Unit 27-G Ground Flr & Unit 27-1 First Flr,
Signature Office,
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City ,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
03-2201 5081

blue med

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