Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa @ Kampung Baru

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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We ventured into Kampung Baru, unchartered waters even for a seasonal traveler such as Chunny. Armed with GPS, we braved the traffic ( it wasn’t that heavy, so we weren’t that brave anyway) and made our way through narrow roads ,  kampong styled houses ( Eh, it was a refreshing experience to see  ‘kampung styled’ houses so near to the town centre), the Pakciks, Makciks, Abangs and Adiks and reached our destination – Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa.

It was a bit before 6pm, but we could see that a little queue was already starting to form, so we decided to have an early meal so that we do not run into the risk of an even longer queue when it came  closer to dinner time..what kiasu people we are huh ?nasi lemak antarabangsa

The menu :menu1

And below the menu are two blackboards , one with a ‘Names of VIPs and visitors around the world who visited NLA’ and another one ‘comments of the VIPs and artists’menu

The varietyvariety

What would you like with your nasi lemak ?variety2

We ordered coconuts to quenched our thirstcoconutOur promotional voucher allow us to chose to have either  : beef rendang, squid or fried chicken, and the fixed stuff was : pegedil and fried eggs.

I chose to have my nasi lemak with beef rendang, so from this view below – on my plate you see the  beef rendang and ikan bilis.  The verdict : the nasi lemak wasn’t lemak, there was no richness or fragrant of santan in the rice. The texture of the beef rendang was a bit out of my expectation as the texture of the rendang is usually stringy , the NLA version had the texture kinda like the texture of a steak , taste wise not to bad, but I would have liked it if it had a  richer santan aroma to it.nasi lemak

And the picture below showing the pegedil and 2 fried eggs . The pegedil was nothing out of the ordinary. The sambal wasn’t hot but rather a bit sweet which was suitable for a person with low tolerance to spiciness like me but would disappoint sambal lovers. And the ikan bilis was not crispy, how can ?nasi lemak2

Chunny had sotong with nasi lemak.  There was nothing to shout about this too.nasi lemak3

Overall, we find the nasi lemak at NLA rather ordinary and concluded that why would someone drive all the way to Kampung Baru for this mediocre nasi lemak. But we find that they had a supportive crowd too..or maybe these guys brought the vouchers too ?customer

After the meal, we went jalan jalan around the neighborhood, there were many many makan stalls along the roads, namely the seafood restaurants seemed very popular with the crowd.  And then there was the view…KLCC

We visited the pasar malam and was again fascinated by the view…and we toy with the idea of  coming to Kampung Baru on New Year eve – maybe we might get a fantastic view of the fireworks from here..pasar malam

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
7C, Jalan Raja Muda Musa,
Kampung Baru,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.


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