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Posted: June 2, 2013 in @Taman Desa
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Vegetarian eateries  usually exudes a religious ambience by way of : the monotonous chanting played repeatably over the speaker, the free religious CDs/literature at one corner, posters of religious messages /concerts/deities on the walls or all of the above. Anyway, although Vegipie is a vegetarian restaurant, the ambience was young, hip and trendy- exactly as what was mentioned in the menu – this is a lifestyle..

I was suppose to take mum for roast duck / wan tan mee noodles but they were closed that day and that was why we ended up at Vegipie. With free wi-fi, and pink walls…Vegipie serves a variety of dishes include stand alone meals like petai friend rice, seaweed fried rice, Hainanese chicken fried rice, fried glass noodles, fried mee mamak, Cantonese style fried koay teow , pumpkin fried noodles, nyoya laksa, ramen soup and even pizza with a variety of toppings ! And one could also order a variety of dishes like tofu, vegetables and

We decided to try the  bitterguord fried koay teow, spinach in gravy and a variety of mushrooms.

Bitterguord fried kuay teow ( RM9.90), the portion was kinda smallish, there were a large amount of gravy , err..maybe way too much for my liking , apart from slices of bitterguord where still a bit green , there were also slices of carrots and pieces of babycorn, taste wise, not bad lah.

koay teow

Organic Chinese spinach with gravy ( RM18) , the Chinese spinach were compactly packed and after some ‘unpacking’, there were enough of spinach to share with Popeye and even Olive Oyl. There were some cubes of what I think was winter melon served with the spinach , which was a nice touch as it added another texture to the dish. Luckily the gravy was light and not overly starchy, taste wise- pretty good.vege

Various mushroom stew with Chinese herbs ( RM25). I can’t named all the mushrooms, so what I can say is there were a variety of mushrooms in this dish- including the ‘monkey brain’ mushroom- which was a bit tough, other than mushrooms, the dish included : lotus seeds, red dates, black fungus, the bamboo thingy that has the texture like a sponge, petals from the magnolia flowers ( pak hap) . Subtle yet refined. This was nice.mushroom

Overall, an enjoyable meal.

Location :
37A, Jalan Desa Bakti,
Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 7982 8184

From the Taman Desa main road ( Jalan Desa Utama, past TM Point( on your right), you will see a  traffic light, turn right- 2 block of shop lots on your right and double storey terrace houses on your left. Vegepie is at the block closer to Faber Towers
Opening hours: 11am till 10pm everyday


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