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Family, friends and colleagues (including bosses too) had gotten used to either having to turn the  lazy susan around or moving the dishes- to be in the path of my camera viewfinder when they dine with me , ahh..what kind folks you lot are. And occasionally they will remind me ‘ Ekkk..why no need take pictures one ? I don’t normally take pictures or blog about the makan places when it is a re-visit, so, this could be one reason why I no take pictures one. BUT in the case of Khengsom, I owe it to the world to write about it a second, here goes..

My first encounter with  Khengsom was when it was at Jalan Sultanah Zainab  , you can read about it by clicking here.  , but it had since moved to Jalan Kebun Sultan. Frankly, when Khengsom was suggested, I did not have high expectations , due to past experience and  thought that it would be hard to beat  the likes of the Thai food at Wakaf Baru area, with the likes of Cheing Mai, Ban Kok  , Kulim etc.

We arrived at Khengsom at about 8pm, the place was starting to fill up, Khengsom is a halal restaurant. The waitress who took our orders was friendly and she  recommended to us some good choices as well.sos

We started off with Mango Salad – a mixture of mango shreds, shallots,dried squid and chili padi made up this mouth watering entree. A good start , I am starting to be impressed !mango salad1

Khengsom fish (RM) 60– the kakak laut fish was garnished with kangkong and coconut stem- ek, I don’t know what they call this, but just know that it was a shoot or something from the coconut tree. This was kinda spicy but very tasty, Fish was wonderfully fresh. Nicekheng som fish

Fried bittergourd with egg, I am not sure can this be considered a Thai  dish, but anyway, the weather was hot and bittergourd is said to be a cooling vegetable. This is a simple dish, but oh gawd, so well executed. The gourd was soft yet not mushy or wet, it just worked. I think I have to start a Khengsom fan club soon..bitterguord1

Fried Kampung Chicken  42– the chicken was well seasoned with a bit of saltiness to it, the meat was tender and not dry. Maybe not as tasty as the fried chicken at Kulim, but still, not too bad tasting chicken.fried chicken

Fried petai with prawns– even those at our table that do not take petai commented that the gravy tasted delicious. The petai still had a bit of a rawness to it which gave it a crunchy feel. Prawns were really fresh too. I likeyypetai

Soft shell crabs with salted eggs 55- If there is a heaven, this dish might probably be served in my heaven. So nice one ! The unique flavour of the salted egg blended with the fragrant of the curry leaves and of course plus the wonderful crabs was so very so very nice..crabs

Squid with soy sauce – this is one other dish that will be served in my nirvana without having to worry about Lipitor . I don’t know how they do it, the squid had a bit of a charcoal-ed smoky flavour to it, the meat was soft yet springy but not tough, succulently fresh- it was almost unreal !  The texture might be best described like a sashimi . So so very good !sotong

Everyone at the table commented that among all the Thai restaurants that we have visited in Kelantan –  this is one of the best Thai food that we have tasted. The flavours had more dimension and the tastes were more refined compared to the rest. Hurahh for KhengSom !

Oh, there was one downside to the ordeal – the charges were slightly more expensive compared to the Thai restaurants at Wakaf Baru, maybe 30- 50 % more, but then this place is air-conditioned and located at the town centre in KB. The meal above plus drinks and rice ( for 8 pax) came to ~RM280

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