The Hunt for Akok Panas @ Tumpat, Kelantan

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Sights
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Kuih Akok is a sickly sweet dessert , some people described it as an egg pudding .The ingredients for making akok is simple  – santan, eggs, flour, palm sugar – but not all akok are created equal. Sometimes you see despicable and sad  looking akok at the stalls (especially at the pasar Ramadan)  – with the smooth surface, the too-light brown colour . And when you run into wrinkled akok with burnt bits at the edges- it might be your lucky day !

We usually get our akok from the stall at the market in Tumpat, but they sold out rather quickly and we were akok-less. Desparate, we asked our neighbour and a few Mak Ciks if they know of any akok sellers and they pointed us to the Akok-maker ! Wahhh, that is even better than getting akok from the stalls- which are just acting as the middleman  for the akok maker.

So we went for a walk…

We were told to take the road beside Masjid Ismali.  This  mosque was built back in year 1900 , you can read more about the mosque by clicking here P1020360

Walked past wooden housesP1020361

Yes, the Masjid was behind us now. I just noticed, what a lot of electrical wires we have in Tumpat…P1020362

Said Hi to Meow-meow, it doesn’t looked very pleased about being disturbed P1020363

After a few minutes walk ,the road stared to divide, take the right fork and you will see this view- coconut trees and allP1020371

Here we are – house number 66 C 66c

A pile of delicious akok ready for saleP1020368

The akok molds on top of gas stovesP1020365

Charcoals are placed on top of the covers, the covers will go on top of the akok molds.P1020366

The akok seller also runs a small convenience stall. The prices of the Akok Panas 1Malaysia as listed on a sign  : 5 pieces for RM2, 50 pieces for RM20 and 100 pieces for RM40Akok panas

Ah…this is what good akok looked like .P1020369

We bought 15 pieces of akok and headed home, saw a proud cockerel strutting his stuffcockerel

A sunny day for drying clothesP1020374

Said  Hi a second time to Meow-MeowP1020373

The akok are ready at about 9 am. The taste – Wonderful – these are good akok indeed.



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