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Hadn’t met up with Xuan for close to 6 months, so we had plenty of news to catch up  – well, it was more like where do we start, do we do the ‘new news’ first or the ‘old news’ first..well, for that , firstly we need to find a place to a park our derrieres

I first saw  Ke Kho one week ago when I was lepak-ing around Danau Desa, the place was  new to me , we browsed  the menu pasted on the glass panels and they looked interesting . There were a few tables already taken up by other diners, so, through the glass door we went…no exactly through la..i ain’t no Copperfield and i don’t think Xuan could have learn such a cool trick without telling me about it all these months…..but you know what I mean..

The dishes served are mainly XiChuan style which caused me a bit of an anxiety as  I am not a person that is good with spicy food. Dumplings seemed to be one item that is significantly featured on the menu, and there is a page for the chef’s recommendation, one can’t go wrong  if we order from this list, I guess..

Dumpling with pork and celery饺子:芹菜肉(RM10 for 8 pieces), these dumplings are the ‘China’ version which in my definition is what I would eat  at Beijing- dumplings with the thicker and denser skins – as opposed to the HongKong dimsum dumplings where the skin are delicate and thin. Ke Kho dumplings are not too bad, the celery and pork filing was a good choice but I think the secret is the dip , which further improved the taste of the dumpling.dumpling

Extracted from  Ke Kho’s website, Ke-Kho Curry Fun is founded by Anna, a Certified Culinary Expert specialized in Asian Cuisine. She was a chief supervisor and a restaurant manager at an Exquisite Chinese Cuisine Restaurant based in Harbin, China. She was entrusted the responsibilities of ensuring the highest standards of cuisine that was served to the VVIPs who frequent the fine dinning restaurant. She will accept nothing but the best of quality from the kitchen and that is her continued effort in ensuring the same for Ke-Kho.

The setting was cozy, the tables were either marble or wooden topped. But probably the most interesting decor were a pile of tires at the entrance. Can see or not ?setting

Just in case you missed it, here is a close up. We checked with the waitress, is that part of the decor or are the tires for sale. We were told that these were already sold and waiting to be picked up. And well, if you want tires – you know where to look..tyres

Let’s change gears and get back to food..

Fried French beans干扁四季豆( RM11.90), when the dish arrived covered with dried chilies- I was really scared, really really scared , not as scared as when Linda Blair did a 360 with her head…but still relatively very very worried and thought of asking the waitress  to bring me another spare glass of water ( which incidentally cost RM0.80 per glass). Each of us carefully picked up a piece of French beans and tried our best to remove the chilli seeds before putting it into our mouth, but then Hey, these weren’t hot at all ! ehh..why are the dried chilies not hot at all ? apart from the dried chilies, there were some minced meat as well. This was rather good, the beans were tender and juicy. And please believe me, these weren’t spicy at all.french beans

Stewed pork ribs红烧排骨( RM22.90) , va va voom…this was a great dish, the ribs were tender, the gravy was a mixture of wonderful flavours, there were plenty of dried mushrooms, pickled vegetables, carrots, spring onions etc in this tasty little pot, these went great with rice. Xuan said that this was a bit salty, but I likeyy it just the way it was.Yummmy..stewed pork

Overall , an enjoyable meal, I would gladly come back again and try the other dishes. The bill came to  paid RM49.50 (for the dishes above including 1 serving of rice and 4 glasses of water), there were no government tax or service charge.

Business Hours: 10AM – 10PM Daily

Location : 5-G Jalan 5/109F
Plaza Danau 2
Taman Danau Desa
( Locate Danau Desa’s  Seri Kota at the corner, walk along the five foot way, Ke Kho is on the same row of shoplots)

Ke Kho has another  branch at Bandar Puteri Puchong