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The online deal sounded very reasonable, RM for one wet and one dry bak kut teh , plus 2 rice + yau char kwai ( crullers) and 2 chinese tea for RM12 . Well, why not ?

On a Sunday, we headed towards Bukit Jalil for our meal. Chun Xiang looked rather deserted that day, apart from our table, only one other table was taken up.  After showing our printed vouchers, we were almost left to our own devises, I mean, food and drinks were brought to our table, but there were zero communication from the staff. We don’t know what was going to happen , it was as if we were supposed to be seen and not heard…

We were served Chinese tea..drinks

And two square pink containers – with their covers intact .  were dropped on our table. OK, so we now have chili padi and chopped garlic..chili garlic

Soupy bak kut teh – apart from the pork slices  there were pieces of taupok and fuchok plus some yau mak in the soup. Taste wise..i would say this was probably one of my least favourite BKT todate- need I say more ?BKT soup

Dry bak kut teh –those that favours the original BKT sometimes pooh-pooh the dry version of BKT, but I kinda like the dry version BKT because it is usually more fool proofed that the soupy version. Having said that, the Chun Xiang version did not fare much better, the meat were rather tough and taste-wise, it was so-so.BKT dry

The yau char kwai came much later, Carmen complained that it was very floury but I have no problem with that, this is probably the best ‘dish’ on our table.yck

Overall, a not very enjoyable makan experience and this was not helped by the impersonal service from the staff..

15G, Jalan Jalil Jaya  , Jalil Link,
Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur