Walkabout around Bagan @ Myanmar Day 4

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Sights
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Our itinerary for our third and last day in Bagan was – have a look at the market place then walk to the jetty and take a ferry. Have lunch and then catch the 3:30pm bus to Mandalay.

After breakfast, we started our walk around Bagan, our two navigator Chunny and W.Hoong checking out the maps to make sure that we were on the right pathP1010708

Interesting window decorationP1010705

A grocery stall selling various goods : from onions to cigarettes, various sauces, dried food and of course the betel leavesP1010710

These two helpers were counting the betel leaves and stacking them into the basketsP1010711

A tea stall equivalent to our mamak stallP1010713

We arrived at the market and after a brief discussion, we agree to go our own ways to explore the market and meet back at the starting point in 30 minutes time. I walked with AhPhenggg..saw some clothing stuff, lacquer wares, groceries, then eh..saw something that caught my fancy – a wind chime..and then…a wood carving, and then lacquer wares..and we were later joined by Chunny..and we ended up at the stall for close to 1 hour…P1010712

After happily parting with our Kyats…we guiltily walked back to the starting point ( 30 minutes late) and err..thought of excuses for being late. We waited for a few minutes and couldn’t see W.H, after a few minutes WH joined us, excitedly telling us about the fish market and also offered us some kuihs that he brought at the stalls..and err..the only thing we  saw was the souvenir shop..

We continued our journey to the ferry station…and on the way, we saw a barrel over an open  fire, seeing our kaypor faces, one of the guys took a long stick and lifted the contents..ah..they were boiling tarP1010715

We walked past the fire stationP1010716

The local public transport..that ‘tyre’ seat looked rather comfyP1010717

Road making in progress..oh..so this was what the tar was for…this was very manual work…the ladies transport and spread the stones, then the steamroller run over that a few times to compact the surfaceP1010718

Peanuts being dried in front of a grocery shopP1010720

A clinicP1010722

Petrol kiosk , Ron 97 ? Ron 95 ?P1010723

Plastic bags free area…and Teapot condense milkP1010724

More interesting road signs ..the one on the left is about electrical safety , the others looked like religious related road signP1010725

A more modern grocery shop with the banners of familiar names : Lux, Pepsi, Colgate, Palmolive …P1010727

An interesting looking house..P1010728

Another beautiful looking house..P1010729

While our cameras were  busily clicking away  ,  the owner of the house came out to the gate ..OHH…is he going to chase us off ? But he was smiling and invited us into the compound of his house..and let us take photos around the house..in the picture below is  the open kitchen area and the kitchenP1010730

Mr Saw spoke good English..and we started to chitchat with him, and we were then introduced to his mother, his sister, wife and son….and then chairs were brought out and tea was served …then we were offered palm sugar and crispy peanuts in batter .. Here we were, 4 strangers from another country ..a bunch of  kaypors…and Mr Saw and his family welcomed us into his house and extend his kindness to us..and answered our unending questions patiently..P1010732

Grandmother and  grandson…P1010733WH asked Mr Saw for the name of the kuih that he brought at the marketplace earlier and the next moment we know, Mr Saw started to talk to his sister and then he asked us when are we leaving Bagan, then Mr Saw said that his sister will go now to buy the kuih and drop them  at the guesthouse later while we go on our walkabout.  We declined the kind offer , and Mr Saw said that it was no trouble, there is a stall that makes this very well, and being local, they can buy it cheaply… Woooww….can you believe the kindness and hospitality of this family  ? P1010734

We were deeply touched and yes, I believe that there is kindness in this world, there is good in this world………someone please pass me a tissue..

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