Sau Sanh @ Binh Duong , Vietnam

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Traveling by road around Binh Duong area, it was close to lunch time , Ms Host asked ‘ Do you take beef ?’ I nodded and that was how it all started….

Sau Sanh was a shop by the side of the dusty road, which made good sense that the utensils were kept under wrapsunder wraps

After taking our seats, ordering took place and a stove, tea cups , plates of vegetables and bowls were brought to our table..tea and stove

Plates laden with the chewy, non-chewy, the soft, the hard part of the moo moo..were delivered to our tablebeef

Don’t these beef tripe ( stomach) looked beautiful and inviting ?beef1

Part of the ingredients to preparing a beef-wrap…green star fruit and something that look like some green lemon/ citrus peelstar fruit and citrus

First – wet a piece of rice paper to soften it, then take a piece of star fruit/ citrus peel, add some piece of basil leaves plus some other greens. Choose a piece of beef/ section of the moo moo that you fancy, then roll ‘em up like you would when preparing spring roll and there you have it. Oh, I forgot, dip the roll in the sauce and enjoy ! The verdict : Yummy…This is why i love traveling !wrap

Then they brought the soup..large cubes of congealed jellied cow blood were dominating in the tasty broth ..soup

First…Take a few pieces of uncooraw

Dip the raw beef into the soup for a few minutes..and there you have it..yummy..the beef were chewy yet tender…nicecooking

In the midst of the rolling of the beefy spring rolls, cooking the beef..a lottery seller came by and Tuan  took out a few lottery tickets from his wallet and begin to check them against the results. Tuan was lucky, he won 100,000 VND ( ~ RM15) and but instead of getting the cash, he decided to use that to exchange a few lottery ticketslottery

I was given two of the tickets to try my luck.  First prize was 1,500,000,000 VND , which is about RM 220,500..wish me luck !!lottery1

Grilled beef..these were juicy, thick and very tasty. These were pretty basic cooking, but it worked and brought out the beefy flavour and texture. Some of the pieces were quite large and took a bit of jaw work but well, who is complaining ?fried

I think I haven’t had so much beef/ part of the cow in a meal before..but well, who is complaining !

err.. i think the cows/ cattle might be complaining


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