Vietnam House @ Ho Chi Minh

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Touch down in Ho Chi Minh….phheewww…the usual large sea of motorbikes…bikes

The hosts booked me into Vien Dong Hotel…@ USD80/nights inclusive of breakfast, while we were at the lobby..we were entertained by musicians and dancers..oh oh..this definitely smelled of a tourist hotel !performance

I was asked what I would like to have for dinner..Ah, surely Vietnamese Food mahhh ! The driver dropped us off at  Vietnamese House . Soft lights, red napkins, wine bottles and all…menu

For drinks , I ordered a young coconut. I don’t think they expect me to eat the coconut as they didn’t give me a spoon to do the scraping..coconut

For starters, we had Vietnam House Sampler (VNM 129,000). Pork pie : the texture was like steamed egg with meat,  the pie didn’t  taste very porky-ish but was light and quite enjoyable. Papaya salad : this didn’t pack as much a punch as as the Thai version of som-tam. Fried spring roll : This came not mounted on the customary sugar cane stick but was yummy as usual. Charboiled Beef in ‘Lot’ leaves: Initially I thought the black covering was seaweed, turned out to be some kinda leaf, from my internet search Lot leaf = wild betel leaf, the leaf didn’t have much flavour which allow the flavour of the beef to shine through> this is my favourite amongst the four starters.starters

Pan fried shrimps and green rice raviolis (119,000 VND) : this was a pretty dish and am happy to report that this taste as good as it looked. The shrimp paste had that strong sweet flavour of shrimp and the texture soft yet firm. Can’t find any fault with this.shrimp paste

Clam in lemongrass – ah..the soup had the subtle light fragrant of lemongrass , this was simple, fresh and nice..clam in lemon grass

We had progressed with dinner although the Big Boss was caught in the Ho Chi Minh jam and had not yet arrived, so at this point, the waitress was asked to slow down the serving of the dishes…. ahh finally…Madam Boss had arrived and the dishes continue to fill our table..

Steam Grouper in bean paste : There were a lot of garnishing  ( and bean paste) on the grouper that they almost seemed to drowned the fish…I was worried that the bean paste would make the fish over salty but luckily this was not the case. Due to the long wait for Madam Boss, the fish was slightly over cooked, which made the meat a bit tough, which was a pity as the fish was fresh and would have been smooth and sweetbean paste steam grouper

Sautéed morning glory with garlic ( 69,000 VND)  : fried garlic were sprinkled on sautéed kangkong, this was a bit too plain and the KangKong was a bit over chewy.KKong garlic

Bittergourd soup with shrimp balls :   thinly sliced bitterguoards and tasty shrimp balls. The broth was nothing to shout about thoughbittergourd soup

Fried rice in lotus leaf : I couldn’t  taste any infusion of the flavours from the leaf into the rice and I wasn’t sure was it due to our delay in getting the food on our table that result in the rice being a bit dry and the meat a bit tough and ‘old’ . This was so-so for melotus fried rice

Overall, an interesting meal

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