Falling teapot, Siok Home Made Noodles and Skyfall @ Medan, Indonesia

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Glorious Food Elsewhere, Sights
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I stayed at Grand Aston in Medan, the corporate rate was Rp690,000 which was not too bad and include breakfast plus free internet.

The breakfast was rather enjoyable too. I started off with Lontang Sayur Medan- pieces of lontong ( compressed rice), thick coconut milk gravy, fried peanuts and tempe, and a choice of adding curry chicken toolontongHad some Danish pastries ..rollsThe dimsum were tasty and didn’t taste like pre-heated hotel food..i likeyyy…dimsum

And while I was greedily gulping down the dimsum, there was a loud bang and I saw brown liquid flowing towards my feet and then I saw the silver teapot too..Woww..they just missed me by a few centimeters ! I would have been drenched ( and maybe need a skin graft) in tea if this was any closer…I calmly moved to the other seat across the table and continue with my half eaten siew-mai..

After breakfast, it was back to work…and then not soon enough,  it was time for lunch. Mr Host suggested fish noodles and at the back of my mind, I was thinking ..fish noodles ?  How can Indonesian fish noodles taste better than what we have in Malaysia..maybe Bakso could be a better choice or I don’t even mind having Nasi Padang…hmm…anyway…

We drove through some back lanes and Mr Host told me that, this is the backlane of a shopping complex and people usually park inside the complex. Our destination :  Siok Homemade Noodles.siok

The place was rather interesting, the kitchen area is at one building and there were a few tables and chairs –ala kopitiam style, and there are also seats upstairs . But if you want a more comfortable meal, you could take a seat at a building directly across the backlane from this ‘kitchen’- this dining area looked like a posh terrace house with wrought iron gates and all..Anyway, this ‘cooler and posher area was full and we moved back to sit at the ‘kitchen’

I chose to have Cendol as my drink/ dessert. The cendol strands were a darker green shade than what I am used to. The texture was soft, smooth and no yucky floury taste, there were cubes of jackfruit in the santan and gula melaka fluid. The verdict- this was sinfully delicious, the santan and gula melaka was not too sweet and so very rich with the aroma of coconut milk and gula melaka. One minor complain was that the cendol strands were a bit too long / the size of the spoon is too small, which made scooping up the cendol a bit of a challenge , and I had to scoop them very carefully too as I  was wearing a white polo-shirt and did not want  unsightly brown blots  all over my pristine garment..( and while i am posting this, i noticed the condition of the bowl..oh ah…) cendol

Ah..the main meal- the fish noodles..generous  slices of fish meat appeared to have been pan fried ( no batter) before dropping them into the soupy noodles, the meat was smooth, delicate and oozes freshness. The broth was sweet. This is one really really good fish noodles. The price per bowl is about RM10, and Mr Host tell me that in the morning, they serve fish porridge, which is rather popular too. Apart from Fish Noodles, Siok also a variety of other dishes. Mr Host said that they only operate on weekdays.fish noodles

Location of Siok Homemade noodles : Kompleks Yang Lim Plaza, Jl Emas, Medan

The mat salleh leaves their milk bottles at the doorstep to be collected (do they still do that ??)  and the people in Medan leave their tiffin carrier at the front doortiffin

On the road, I met up with my charming old friend Bond..Skyfall

Then..i headed off to the Airport…Buhbye Medan…until next time..


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