Marco Polo , Cemera Asri Medan, Indonesia

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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I had a bit of time before dinner and ventured out of the hotel for a short walkabout

The very versatile and popular public transport called ‘Angkut’, somewhat like the pink KL minibuses of the olden days. The Angkut can stop where they like and when they like it..AngkutI walked passed 2 buildings that were surrounded by barb wires- I was a bit concerned of falling into these sharp toothy wires..Later I found out that in the last few days there were demonstration by the workers all over Indonesia to demand a higher minimum wage and hence the presence of barb wires outside some Government Buildings to protect from the protesters. The pix you see below was taken much later when we were traveling in a car.barb wire For dinner, we went to Cemera Asri, which was where more posh housing area was at, as well as rows of open air seafood. We stopped at Marco Polo, my first makan at Marco Polo was  two years back..and the place was crowded as usual…

We had grilled fish..yummmm…fresh fresh fresh, I ate this without any sauce so as not to ‘dilute’ the flavourgrilled fish

Chili crabs ..there were three of us and Mr Host ordered 2 crabs. The crabs were of reasonable size, very meaty and fresh, the spiciness of the sauce was a bit over my threshold and I was e shedding tears  while enjoying the fleshy crabs. Yummy..crabs

Prawns with salted eggs- the batter was rather thick but they were light and crispy not much of a salted eggish flavour though, the prawns were fresh and sweet. One grouse was that the batter got soggy rather quickly and they didn’t stay crispy for too long. Despite that, I enjoyed this and have to guiltily admit that I ate more than I should, this was the only time I remember eating 3 prawns in one seating. I need double dose of Vastatin ! Or make that a triple..prawns

Kangkong belacan- I think the belacan in Medan and those in Malaysia taste a bit different, based on this dish alone, our belacan seemed more fishy and over powering whereas what I tasted in this dish was very mild belacan, but the dish was spicy though and I continue shedding happy tears over this great meal kankong

If I remember correctly , this soup was Soup sayur masin- salted vegetable soup. This didn’t taste like the Chinese version of salted vegetable soup / hamchoy soup. The best way I could describe this dish is umm..a thicken version of miso soup minus the saltiness and red bean in tomato sauce. ..There were long bean, some beans that looks like red bean but don’t think they were as these  were more rounded, some parts of the jackfruit etc…supOverall, an interesting here to read about my first meal at Marco


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