Medan, Indonesia- Day 1

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Sights
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Short working trip to Medan, flight time from KL > Medan was about 1 hour, I left KL at 8:55am and arrive in Medan at 8:55 am….. it felt like I have saved 1 full hour ( tipu sendiri) . The best part about Medan is that the airport is close to the town centre, although in some instances, this seemed to restrict the growth of the town . My host relate to me that when JW Marriot was completed, the 30 storey hotel was asked to removed a few  floors due to the proximity of the airport to the town centre, but after proving that the hotel was not in the flight path, the hotel is still standing in it’s full glory…oh, coming back to the airport, by next year ( 2013) Medan airport will no longer be in Polonia but will be moving to a new location which will be about 1.5 hours away with the  current roads , but will be ~ 1 hour with the new highways, and train services will be available..

After a lengthy and fruitful discussion at the office, it was time for lunch and Hurahh…Nasi Padang…my favourite..The fried chicken was with a crispy exterior and tender firm meat of the ayam kampong. I also sampled the beef rendang ( yumyum), one green chili dish which wasn’t too spicy, some dry blanched (tasteless) leafy vegetable- I think this was tapioca leaves or something, I was really keen to try the Pergedel, but didn’t want to appear too greedy..and I followed my host and ate using my hands…I know Mum might not have approved…

The price list of the various dishes shown below. You need to multiply with 0.000375 to get the price in RM.

After lunch, we went on the road. The streets of Medan are not just busy with traffic, there are congested with signboards too There were huge signboards everywhere campaigning for the position of the Governor of Medan, elections will be in March 2013. The Governor stand office for 5 years.  Five candidates are fighting for the position and the signboards you see below  is one of the candidates . I better put a disclaimer that I am not in favour of any candidates and there were no monetary or any gain from posting this particular picture on this blog. This was just a randomly taken picture.

Yeah, celebrating 40 years of Indomie, my favourite Indomie : Mee Goreng

These congratulatory signs  are common in Medan, these were made up of plastic flowers. Rather colourful, I wonder why this never caught up in KL ? maybe i can be the pioneer..

We went into a Toll Gate

Our toll ticket or maybe calling this a toll card is more appropriate …Looks like it’s going to be a long way from the next meal…..


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