Wat Phothivihan / Wat Jambu @ Tumpat

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Sights
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Today, let’s talk about the reclining Buddha in Kelantan- which , at one time, used to be largest  in South East Asia.

And I am proud to say that this 40 meter long and 11 meter high sculpture is in Tumpat, Kelantan, my loverrly hometown. We locals addressed this temple as Wat Jambu ( well, the temple is located in Kampung Jambu) rather than the official name of Wat Phothivihan.  So, if you ask for directions, please mention Wat Jambu. Kampong Jambu used to be known as Kampung Beruk ( beruk = monkey), I am not sure were the people in the village happy with the name change, would you prefer to be from a fruity village or a monkey village ? hehehe.

The sculpture was constructed in 1973 and completed in 1979. I remember that the sculpture wasn’t painted until sometime later, and it took a bit of getting used to, seeing a coloured version of the sculpture rather than have it in the colour of nude cement. ( although I have to say that I find the grey version to be more impressive) , and in the earlier days, the statue was in the open and not under a roof.

This gigantic Alms Bowl, located not too far from the entrance gate,  was also something relatively new to the temple

The Isolation Area-  the building exudes a certain kind of calmness

Close up of the statue in front of the Isolation Area ( Bot)

A statue of the ‘future’ Buddha – Maitreiya , in front of the reclining Buddha statue

Buddha statues in various poses. These statues are all housed under the same roof as the sculpture of the reclining Buddha

Extract from http://www.buddhanet.net/e-learning/dharmadata/fdd35.htm  :  It is often said that Buddhists worship statues, in the sense that they believe that Buddha statues actually are the Buddha or that they have some inherent power. But such ideas are quite incorrect. Buddhists do not ‘worship’ Buddha statues , the Buddha statue is seen as a symbol that can be seen as helpful in creating devotion, uplifting the mind and focusing attention.

Statue of the four faced Buddha

The turtle pond- I wonder are the 19 terrapins that used to be our pets still here..hellooooo ?

At the main hall

Tok Guru is held in greatest respect regardless of the community or religion

Interestingly, this area below was marked as ‘Tibet’ in the directory

This was also one of the newer addition to the temple. Frankly, not my favourite part of the temple..  a bit too garish for my taste

As usual, you will find religious books / booklets for free distribution on the shelves…

And this caught my attention..huh ? growth fund worr..a new religion ?

There is a makan shop in the vicinity of the temple ..you can get Thai style food ( the somtam is fiery mannnn) or soupy noodles etc etc , soft drinks and of course, coconuts..

Uncle tirelessly preparing the coconut for serving..

Please come visit Wat Phothivihan !! The temple is about 7km from either Tumpat town center or from Kota Baru.

There are other fabulous temples in Tumpat including Wat Pikulthong , Wat Mai Suwankiri and Wat Machimmaram . And the chinese Tien Hou Temple

Wat Phothiviharn
Chief Abbot: Ven. Phrakhru Prasart Prachakorn
Address: Kampung Jambu, 16200 Tumpat, Kelantan
Telephone: 09-7193019, 019-9586322


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