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Posted: November 12, 2012 in @ Kuchai Lama
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Of the four legged edible animals – oh..i better quantify this as I heard of a saying that except for the table- everything four legged can be eaten by the Chinese, of the four legged commonly known edible animals like the moo-moo, the baaa-baaa, the wooww—woow…OOpps..here I go again, NO, I would like to stressed- at this blog we don’t eat the woow-woow one . let’s re-start , of the four legged commonly known edible animals like the moo-moo, the baaa-baaa, the oink oink…I think the oink-oink is the most full proof, no gamey taste, the meat usually won’t be too tough and the fatty bits taste extremely good..what is there not to like about pork ? A dramatic introduction to visiting a porky themed makan place..

We were at Tery Pork on Friday eve ..and it was a wet evening, which seemed to be the staple for the last few days…rain.. rain…intermittent disruption in the transmission of the Astro programs…thunder…wind…flash floods in KL…rain… humongous traffic jam..ho hummm…life goes on..

Our deal for the coupon  for RM25.90 was for a 4-Course Set Meal for 2 Pax , which include :
– Two Minestrone Soup
– Two Green Salad
– Two T-Bone Pork Steak
– Two Dessert

Salad – not sure what the sauce was, when I checked online while writing this post..some blogs mentioned that this was  the (Japanese) sesame dressing called Goma dressing .  it was tangy and felt healthy..haha… Hmmm ..a good appetizer although the portion were not that big . I think one might be able to get this dressing at the supermarkets and if not, you can always make your own, click here for the recipe to prepare Goma dressing

Next up- Minestrone soup : cabbage and carrots in a delightful soup, we couldn’t place the flavour, it reminded us of something, but we can’t place it…until…the spoon found pieces of roast pork in the soup. Aha ! so this was where that exquisite flavour came from : roast pork..  nice… Try out Jamie Oliver’s Minestrone soup recipe

The T-Bone pork steak- the meat was so tender and smooth..the portion was  rather thin though and this sat on top of mash potatoes. The mash potatoes wasn’t the usual boring mash potatoes, but taste like they have been somewhat fried with oil ( lard ?– they taste like they were-anyway).  Had a bit of a guilty feeling as they seemed to be rather oily. The people at Tery Pork know how to treat their pork ! Nice…While we were enjoying our meal, the table next to ours had black bowls containing some sizzling stuff delivered to their table, these gave out  wonderful whiffs of salted fish , this might be the Stone bowl of salted fish and belly rice..

Dessert – this appeared to be something like a pandan and custard cake- nothing to shout about, if I was wasteful with food, I probably wouldn’t have finish it..but my mama always told me ( spoken in Forest Gump tone and expression ) to finish my food..so I did.

The place was cozy, but could do with better furniture rather than plastic tables and chairs. The serving portions weren’t that big- not sure was what we had their usual serving size or the sizes for the special promotion.

Overall, a nice meal and I think I will return to try out the rest of the menu.

Location : ( if you know Win Soon FishHead at Kuchai Lama, Tery Pork is at the directly opposite row of shop lot)
38, Jalan Kuchai Maju 10,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
58200 K.L
Tel : 7982 3188
Tery Pork has another branch at Pusat Komersial Southgate,
No.2 Off Jalan Dua, Off Jalan Chan Saw Lin,
55200 KL, Tel : 9225 0216
  1. Sumptuous® says:

    Not bad a place to dine but I wonder if they can sustain with that daily small crowd. Also, they have a mini karaoke lounge upstairs for those who feel like belting a song or two after a porky meal!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Hi AhSumpt…during our visit, the PIC also mentioned that business is so so. The lunch crowd is small as parking is difficult during working hours

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