Restoran Fu Gua Thong 苦瓜汤@ Kuchai Lama

Posted: November 8, 2012 in @ Kuchai Lama
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You know that sort of experience where you arrived at an unknown destination and then found that it was not very favourable, but yet…you couldn’t turn you have made prior commitment..well, I  had that experience when we stepped into Fu Gua Thong…and the commitment being :  pre purchased food voucher…harsh…but true..

It was lunch hour, on a weekend and the place was deserted, we took up a table in the rather roomy restaurant- which was not a very good sign and the other gnawing fact is that this was supposed to be a special celebration…err..doesn’t feel that special being the only patron at an eatery…nevermine..the food can still be good lah.

We ordered : sweet and sour fish fillet , kangkong belacan, tofu with minced meat, pork belly with  yam and pork knuckle in vinegar sauce. One of the signature dish for Fu Gua Thong include bittergoard soup and bitterguord dishes > hence the name of the restaurant ! But as Fen doesn’t like bittergourd , we had to forgo the bitterguord dishes.

The food were served superbly quick…very very quick..there much be a genie in the kitchen or something !

Sweet and sour fish  fillet – the deep fried fish and batter were served with cucumber, shallots, pineapple and mango shreds. Can’t place the flavour of the gravy..but this was not too bad. Although I would prefer it if the fish fillet were at a higher temperature, these were served less than lukewarm. 

Kangkong Belacan – doesn’t taste like belacan but some gooey un-belacan-ish flavour with some slight spicy undertones. The taste wasn’t too bad. But just that it wasn’t belacan therefore it didn’t meet our expectations. And one other thing is the presentation, the vegetable looked at if they were just carelessly dropped onto the plate.

Steamed tofu with minced meat – when this arrived, all three of us uttered ‘oh’. Again, the presentation lah, we felt kinda short changed. The tofu looked ( and I guess was) the type you and I would buy at the market costing maybe RM0.80 – RM1.20, then just pour some black gooey gravy with minced meat on top of the block of tofu. And they should also heat the dish up before serving lah

Kau yoke ( pork belly with yam) – the yam was soft and nice, but the pork portion was  small in comparison with the yam portion. The gravy not bad -slight complain that it was a bit too gooey.

Pork knuckle in vinegar- finally, something good to say ! This was the Ummp-est , almost like the way my Dad made it..the soup was thick and rich flavour of sourness and sweetness of the vinegar and with a gingerly tinge, The meat was tender and tasty and a lot of meat too.

Overall, a so-so meal. I don’t think I would want to return. But I guess this restaurant is good for those that are in a hurry  for their meal, as Fu Gua Thong  seemed to be able to put the food on the table in maybe less than 10 minutes !

Suggestion that they should improve their presentation , can the gravy and sauces be of another colour other than black / brown ? and also for the dishes to be served piping hot.

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