Olive @ Sooka Sentral, Brickfields

Posted: November 4, 2012 in @ Brickfields
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It was a wet wet day, Chunny picked me up and we headed to Brickfields. Traffic was heavy, we were running a bit late…but the traffic refused to budge…eventually, we got to Sentral, pusing-pusing-ed the Sentral Station and found the car park at Sooka. We much have entered from the wrong end, as we looked high and low and couldn’t find the signboard for Olive ..eventually..we got to Olive..it wasn’t that hard to find, we just hadn’t been looking at the right places.

We were shown to our reserved table, with Chunny big name on a placard. This Groupon deal was for a 3 course meal, and the meal include :

Drinks weren’t include in the deal, so we scanned the drinks menu…Olive serves fresh juices with prices ranging from RM 6 – 8; Healthy mixed juices including Melon Dialogue : watermelon, holey dew and mint ( RM10) , Citrus green : apple, cucumber, celery and ginger ( RM12) , apple+lemon+wheatgrass (RM12); Calamansi Freeze ( RM12); Smoothies (RM14), Organic tea (RM7) plus a variety of coffee, teas and soft drinks. Both of us decide to go for Hot lemon tea (RM6)

For starters, we forfeited the soup to stay green and ordered 2 portions of salad – Italian balsamic toss. Ah…we liked the balsamic toss, the dressing was light and fresh..

For the main course, Chunny ordered the Braised beef and I decided to go for the Herb and almond-crusted barramundi.

Braised Beef : The serving was a generous portion, the beef was wonderfully tender and the marinate had penetrated to the core of the big chunk of beef. The gravy was tasty. This was oh-la-la..

Herb and almond-crusted barramundi : The skin of the barramundi was crispy and made a krukk-krukk sound when eaten with the crunchy almond flakes. The fish was sweet and ah..overall, a good blend of flavour. Hmmmm..i loved the potato croquette too ..and not just taste but what a pretty dish to behold…i likeyyyy. Oh..i did a search on the net…barrmundi = siakap !

For dessert , we chose to have the Earl Grey creme brule and apple banana crumble.

The creme brule was surprisingly not too sweet, I am not sure where the Earl Grey came into the picture as I don’t think I tasted any Earl or Grey. This wonderful dessert came with blueberries which gave a burst of flavour when eaten with the smooth brule.Apple banana crumble –not overly sweet and not overly spiced with cinnamon. This was not too bad too..

Overall, an enjoyable meal and the staff were friendly , the place was cozy and comfortable . We hope that Groupon will repeat the deal soon as we would really like to come back to olive again.. Pretty please ?

Thank you Chunny for the yummyummm treat.

The prices at Olive are  rather reasonable, Australian ribeye steak : RM36, Char Grilled lamb chops (RM28), Pan seared salmon salsa ( RM30); Chicken parmigiana ( RM 22), Basil Chicken fettuccine ( RM20) etc

NB: Olive Sentral does not serve pork, but offers alcohol on its menu.

 Location :
Unit G-4, Sooka Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur 50470
Tel : -2785 1988

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