Savage Tribe Steamboat and BBQ @ Kuchai Lama

Posted: October 31, 2012 in @ Kuchai Lama
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The name Savage Tribe for a place that serve BBQ,  seemed pretty apt…imagine : deep dark jungle, savages in glass skirts and sinister masks, toting sharp spears, chanting and dancing around a big the campfire ah  ? can see the sharp spears ah ? nevermind…whatever..

At 6:05pm, we were the first customer at Savage Tribe. We were shown to our table and given our sets of shrink wrapped utensils.

The waitress started the ‘induction cooking pit thingy’ and started to place the skewers over the fire/electric whatyoucallit. When asked, the waitress said that the Management felt that when left to their own devices, the patrons usually end up with burnt meat and occasionally undercooked meat, so it was better that the duty was left in the hands of the waitresses.

The dips were served in bamboo plates, no, they were not chili powder and pepper, but some special spices…

We struck up a conversation with the waitress, we thought she was from China as the conversation was in Mandarin, but turned out that she was from Myanmar and studied Mandarin in school.

There was a conveyer-liked mechanism for the skewers, where they were automatically turned/rotated , which ensure even grilling…and the waitress was intermittently applying the seasoning to the skewers on the grill.

Some of  the prices for the BBQ skewers  :

Spicy lamb / cumin lamb/ yummy beef/ black pepper beef brisket/ red hot beef : RM5 for 2 skewers ;

Red hot wings/ spicy wings : RM5;

Spicy prawns : RM3; Grilled cuttlefish RM2,

Chicken gizzard / Orleans chicken RM3 for 2 skewers

Pork : RM4 for  2 skewers)

If you are a duckie person, you can try :  duck tongue, duck feet (RM5 for 4) and duck neck ( RM5/piece)

Apart from the BBQ, you could also try the steamboat set with a variety of soup, including a very interesting ‘Ice and fire steamboat’ , or green tea (wow..that would be interesting); pork bone with corn broth, mushroom, chew chou broth , tom yam, chicken marinate in yellow wine broth etc..And a large selection of seafood, meat, fish/meat-balls and vegetables

And not just BBQ and steamboat, one could also order ala carte dishes or standalone meal..

Ok..our meal was ready…. smelling  wonderful..

The meat were well marinated and taste very good. One great thing was that all the BBQ stuff were ‘real meat’, not fishballs or processed stuff…with the exception for the hotdog, that is.. What I liked best was the chicken wings, it was very fragrant and the meat was grilled to perfection. The lamb was slightly gamey and taste better after dipping with the special species,

Overall, an enjoyable funny thing was that there was a  charge for using the utensils…oh..i hope this will not be a trend at all the makan places..

 Location :
 No. 41, Jalan Kuchai Maju 11,
Kuchai Entrepreneur Park,
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 79718024; 018

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