Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie @ Taman Desa

Posted: October 13, 2012 in @Taman Desa
Tags: , , do you pronounce such a name…? I always thought that one major rule of naming a brand  is to make it easy to pronounce and well..Ficelle Boulangerie & Pattisserie sure is a mouthful for someone from Tumpat lah..

Anyway…just in case you, like me- have difficulty with the name – I did a web search and Wikipedia tells me that  :: ficelle is type of bread that is similar to a baguette but much thinner. The word ficelle literally means “string” in French.  Like the baguette, this type of bread has a hard, brown crust and many air pockets. And, there is more .. the definition of boulangerie is a bakery, or a place where bread is sold…so there, now you know ! Now it makes a lot of sense horrr ?

Since it is called a boulangerie, it is expected that Ficelle sells bread..but we weren’t there for bread, we were there for dinner. Well, one can argue that one can have bread for dinner too..well, anyway, I am stick-in-the mud-traditional – bread equates breakfast.. but I digress..

The choice of the makan menu at Ficelle is somewhat limited , salad, soup, pasta and pizza. Drinks include a variety of tea, coffee and fruit juice. Prior to  meeting up with S, I have had a light snack, so I thought that I will just have something light and ordered a Roasted chicken salad ( RM6.50) and S ordered Seafood aglio olio spaghetti ( RM 10.80).

For drinks, S ordered Honey lemon , while I went for plain water lah..the setting at Ficelle was like in an English garden ( not that I know much about English gardens), the wall where white and the furniture elegant. Potted plants and colourful ( plastic) flowers were placed around the tables  which add some colours to the setting. It was rather charming ..

One thing I like about Ficelle is…they don’t charge you for drinking water, although you have to go to the self service counter and fill your own glass..well, I don’t mind to walk that extra few steps. And for cutlery, tissues, tooth pick, sauces etc – you can collect these at the self service counter.

One thing I want to grouse about Ficelle is that the payment counter is oh so slowww…during our visit, there were two Japanese ladies in front of us ordering a cake or something , I think it took more than 10 minutes to sort that out. And that chappie/cashier that served us wasn’t that chirpy too..

My roasted chicken salad took up the space of a quarter of my small portion one mahh ? .. a few cubes of crouton, cherry tomatoes, corn, lettuce and a few slices of roast chicken…hmmmm…the sauce was good though, I couldn’t place the taste…or the was  different

Seafood aglio olio spaghetti- S was kind enough to let me have a sample of the spaghetti, it was light and the taste was not complicated, this was not bad. S enjoyed this.

The salad didn’t take up enough space in my belly cavity, so we decide to order a pizza to fill up the empty space..I dunno how they do it but while biting into the pizza, thoughts that crossed my mind include  : healthy, wholesome , pure and fresh and yummyyy too. The pizza was light and soft , the taste was mild in a  pleasant way. I ate piece after piece, while the pizza continue to ooze it’s goodness , pureness and freshness  ….( gosh, I sound like I am high on something ) ..Guilt free food, I likeeyyyy.

verall, an enjoyable meal….I have to come back to try the breads and stuff , when I did a search on the www , I was surprised that there were sooo many blogs writing about Ficelle…and most of them mentioned that Ficelle is under the same management as Levain Boulangerie, which seemed to be a rather well known boulangerie..( pardon my ignorance, I dunno Levain..)

Location :
Jalan 3/109F, Danau Business Center,
Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7982-2210  03-7982-2210 

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