Restoran Sri Melaka @ Kota Kinabalu

Posted: October 3, 2012 in @Sabah
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Dinner..the following day… Options were : Kampung Air Seafood Centre or Restoran Sri Melaka, we left the decision to the Muslim colleagues and after scrutinizing both the areas- the decision was to dine at Restoran Sri Melaka

All the tables  at the ground floor were occupied and the waitress led us to the second floor. We took up the last two empty seemed to be good. One of our colleagues recognized a VIP at the next table which started a whispering –and –signaling session around the tables, ah..a former chief minister. The VIP must have sense the commotion as he turned around to nod and smile at us..

Back to food…

Some of us decide to go for cendol and ABC instead of ordering it was sweets/dessert before the meal lah..I had the ABC- this was so so …the shaved ice was a bit too ‘rough’- it would have been more enjoyable if the ice were finer.

Asam fish (RM25) – the fish came with pieces of ladies fingers and brinjal. The fish was fresh and the kuah/ gravy was sourish without being overly spicy- this was enjoyed by all and throughout the meal, many were still continuing to drench their rice with the asam gravy.

Steamed fish ( kerapu, RM48) – plainly steamed in soy sauce. The fish was fresh and the plain cooking brought out the sweetness of the fish

Beef rendang (RM18) – the beef chunks were permeated with the rich flavour of santan and the spices. Some pieces were tougher than the rest but overall it was good. Yummm

Kangkong Belacan (RM20) – this was slightly salty for our taste and some of the kangkong stems were rather ‘elderly’ , which were a bit tough on the elderly jaw..

While we were tucking into our meal, Mr VIP and his group had finished theirs and were ready to leave the table, Mr VIP graciously shook a few hands and smiled at the rest of us. A colleague posed a question ‘ When is general election ?’, he nodded knowingly and replied ..‘Either this year or next year’ and left us with a wise smile on his face..

Continuing with food….

Butter prawns  (RM30) – taste wise- was ok  although I find the prawns to be a bit dry maybe a result of being overcooked ?

Sweet pea sprout ( tou meow) with garlic (RM25) , nothing outstanding

Steamed prawns (RM30) – the prawns were submerged in egg white and steamed and the results-Oh la la..i would rate this as the best dish of the night. The best part was not the prawns – but the egg white. The sweetness and juice of the prawns flavoured the egg white, prawny ..I likeyyyy…

Overall, an ok meal and the best thing was the very reasonable price !


TEL : 088-224777, 088-213028

Business Hours: 10.00am – 9.30pm


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