Kampung Nelayan Restaurant @ Kota Kinabalu

Posted: September 29, 2012 in @Sabah
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For dinner, we had a choice, to have a meal at a posh resort which involved a boat ride and Chinese food or have seafood. The boat ride didn’t seemed to big an attraction and the majority chose to have seafood over Chinese food, so…. that was how we ended up at Kampung Nelayan. I guess if we had an inkling that Kampung Nelayan was so touristy- we might have change our mind….Kampung Nelayan was touristy, Evidence No.1 : there were many tour buses at the parking bay, Evidence No. 2 – the cultural performance.

We had steamed clams (sah pak, @ RM40/kg)  – these were steamed with ginger and spring onions, the size of the clams were moderate and the meat was soft and not rubbery. I rather liked these..

Baked oysters –  the sizes  were a bit small and the meat was a bit  thin ..bummer…Oh..i had a peek at the bill at the end of the meal and found that these cost the same as the clams above i.e RM40/kg)

Steamed fish – the grouper was of a generous size..which result in the meat being a bit tough..haiya…small also complain, big also complain.. everything also want to complain….how can like that one ? ( the grouper was @ RM150/kg)

The cultural performance titled 1Malaysia Cultural And Variety Show was not too bad , the most interesting was the blow pipe demonstration and the kadazan dances, Chinese dances were included too and we had a bit of a discussion over the rather funny looking head gears of the dancers- which looked more like a lantern than a head piece…

Fried chicken and salad – the vegetable salad was mainly cucumber and tomato, the fried chicken was not bad- the meat was tender and tasty

Lobster in sauce – the identification of the lobsters were not well defined as it arrived in chopped and scrambled pieces – as I only got to sample a piece close to the ‘leg’  i thought  they belonged to those of  flower crabs..kinda like the blind men and the elephant  ( e-mail me if you hadn’t heard about this) my apologies to the lobster..( the lobster was @RM320/kg )

Brinjal and four angle bean– the brinjal and the bean were fried with tauchuo ( soy bean paste) and this was delicious. The womenfolks  at our table declared this the best dish of the night ..if my boss heard about this, he might not want/need to order the lobster.or any seafood…shhhh. In the bill, this dish was named as Bibi Baba or maybe I should say there was one item on the bill named – Bibi Baba which was unaccounted for , and  Brinhal and four angle bean was not on the bill, thus my conclusion. I did a search on the net and can’t find a dish called Bibi Baba..anyone can help out ?Stir fried choy sum – this was like what might have come out of my kitchen la..nothing to shout about

Fried noodles- by this time, I was already too full and did not sample the noodles. The feedback from my fellow diners – so so only ..

Overall –I would say it was an average meal ..

The total bill plus beers and juices , and double everything you see above (as we had 2 tables) plus service charge and tax , came to RM2825)


Kampung Nelayan Restaurant http://www.kampungnelayan.com/
Taman Tun Fuad,
Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu
Tel 088 231003 / 231005
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