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A few days of working days plus one day of sightseeing in Kota Kinabalu, that sounded like a not bad deal huh ? … We stayed at Le Meredian, I was lucky to be given the room with the sea view and access to the sunset..

 One grouse about the hotel, the hotel took the usual environmental stand about the guest having a choice to reduce the laudering of towels and linens but hor..the funny thing is there is a card in  the key card slot bearing a ‘please do not remove’ sticker  meaning that even when the room is vacant, the power supply will still be running . Because of this, everytime I leave the room at the beginning of the day, I make sure that I turned off the TV, the airconditioner and the lights but to my dismay when I come back to the room at the end of the day,  , the air conditioner and lights were turn on and left on , by housekeeping …OOi !! why like that one ?

Ok..back to food…the first night in KK, there was an official dinner at Port View Seafood Restaurant, it was just a few minutes walk from the hotel..and at the foyer of the restaurant, I was spellbound by the ‘condominium’ of aquarium..walauweehhh

 And hmm…look at the price of these XXL tiger prawns..

 There were 13 of us, and we were told that it was a bit too tight to squeeze all of us into one table and so the group was  separated to two tables

 First up:  prawns.. plainly steamed…Hmm…these were fresh and sweet,,thank goodness for vastatin…

 Steamed fish….although so simple a dish, this was oh-la-la, the fish was fresh, fresh and fresh. This is so very good..steamed just right..and because there were only 6 of us at our table, everyone could get many helpings of  the fish . After the meal, we found out that this was parrot fish and it was at RM380 per kg and what you see below cost about RM500. ( seriously…after knowing the cost of the fish, most of us felt ‘sakit hati’..RM500 for a must be kidding! Mr Boss was not too happy that the person that ordered the dishes took such liberty in ordering such a pricey dish) 

 Lobster in wet butter sauce..i said a silent prayer for the vastatin… the lobster was  fleshy and the meat was succulent and crunchy, the wet butter sauce was creamy and worked well with the lobster. This was nice ( and cheaper than the fish..haha)

Stir fried kailan – finally, something that was guilt free, the kailan was stir fried with garlic. 

Beef with black pepper sauce- I wouldn’t have guessed that this was beef, i thought it was venison or maybe ostrich ..the meat was tender and just-nice-chewy…frankly..i am still not sure that was beef.

Fried beehoon – for fillers, we had fried bee hoon, which was pretty nice too

Overall, an enjoyable meal…plus beers and wines , the meal for the total two tables came to ~ RM3,100

Lot 18, Grd Flr, Anjung Samudera ( The Water Front),
Tun Fuad Stephans Road,
88000 Kota Kinabalu
Tel : 6088 221753, 242875