Legend’s Claypot Briyani House @ Brickfields

Posted: September 4, 2012 in @ Brickfields
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Being a weekend, the drive to Brickfields was a breeze.. we parked beside SMK Vivekananda ..yes.. it was a yellow line zone but since my makan kaki said that she will bear the costs for any summonses- should they find their way to my car’s windscreen… I was worry free..

My first impression of Legend was a bright and clean environment. We presented our Groupon voucher and was shown to our seat and presented with a menu. You can view the online menu by clicking here . Legend offers banana leaf rice, tosai and ala cart dishes as well.

 We were later presented with a Groupon prefixed menu. We decided to try the claypot seafood and the claypot fish. For drinks I opted for ginger tea while M ordered lime juice.

 This was the first time I had ginger tea- and I liked it, the aroma and the kick from the ginger was very refreshing and yet gave my tummy a warm and fuzzy feeling.

 While waiting for our claypots, i.e. nothing to do- we started to notice our surroundings. A table next to us was occupied by an Indian couple with a chubby ( and very mischievous looking ) boy –he was an energetic little fella, running and weaving his way through the tables and once even attempted to run with his eyes closed, his dad was chasing after him and feeding his pieces of tosai.   He looked about 7 or 8, I made funny faces at him whenever he passed our table. My efforts to be noticed by this little fella was rewarded when he stopped by our table, then patted my hand and pointed to the steel cup that he was holding and uttered ‘ this is very nice’ and continued with his running

While attempting to bond with that little fella, our claypots arrived.…

An hardboil egg perched daintily on the long grains of briyani rice. the set came with a pampadam, onion salad and a bowl of gravy. The portion is rather large for one and maybe not enough to be shared by two. 


One has to dig into the claypot  and turn the world upside down to revealed the goodies buried under the mass of fragrant and richly coloured rice

 Insulated by the claypot, it really took a long time for the rice to be cooled ..i was puffing away to reduce the temperature of each spoonful- which was a bit of a chore. I find the meat of the fish was rather dry and hard. The rice was richly flavoured and  after a while I think my tastebuds got lazy and the taste became rather one dimensional.

 From the company website, Legend has four  branches, two in Brickfields, and one each in PJ and Serdang.

Website : http://www.legendsclaypotbriyani.com/

Business hours 7am – 11pm daily

 Location :

No 50, Ground Floor,
Jalan Vivekanada,

  1. Viv says:

    One of my top fav place for briyani, piping hot

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