Royale Vietnam @ Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang

Posted: August 25, 2012 in @Bukit Bintang
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Ekkkk….with an offer of pay RM40 and get a RM80 voucher, how can, how can, how can one resist the temptation ? me for one can’t ! …And so, we were tempted and bought the deal to dine at Royale Vietnam..

I don’t know about you, but I find it confusing to navigate around Starhill Gallery. Choosing a suitable floor to get out of the lift from the car park was already a task..Grrr….anyway, we made our way to the floor that took us to the lobby of JW Marriot and upon exit ,  asked one of the staff for directions to get to the Feast Floor, -expecting to received a series of complicated directions that might puzzle Yoda , we were pleasantly surprised that we were accompanied to the staircase, and more amazement followed , where we were accompanied down the grand staircase and delivered to the front step of Royale Vietnam . I told the young gentleman – oh, we won’t know how to get back to the lifts later can you come and fetch us ? He looked at his watch and without hesitation said that if we can give him the time we finish our meal, he will come for us. I quickly told him that we were joking. This is what we call service !

The entrance to Royale Vietnam spelt luxury (and expensive)

 We were shown to our seat by a waitress clad in traditional Vietnamese costume. We took a really long time to study the know la..with RM80 to spend..we do not want to be spending under or too much over this value la..sure la, what do you expect from  people that dine with discount vouchers one, huh ? We decide to go for Combo appetizer (RM39.90), Lotus fried rice (RM24.90) and lemongrass chicken (RM28.90)

While waiting for the food to arrive, we soaked in the ambience..


 Moved the table piece hoping to achieve a better composed picture

Not too long later , the Combo appetizer came sailing in a boat-like dish, offering five different types of appetizers

Accompanied by three types of sauces. Except for the vegetable spring roll that came in four sections , there were three units each for the  rest of the appetizers. And the verdict – the sugarcane thingy- good, the prawn thingy – good, the fried spring roll thingy – good : these were stuff with deep fried seafood paste- which was a burst of rich and sweet seafood flavour and was slightly crisp on the outer section .  As for the vegetable spring roll, ahhh…they were good too .

 The cutest passenger on the ‘boat’ were these baby birds, with chili padi for the beak and quail egg for the face- cute ! and the seafood paste taste as good too. Both Chunny and myself agree that this was probably one of the must-try dishes here and the price was reasonable considering that you get 5-in-1 appetizer.

 Lotus fried rice, when it arrived, with the ‘packaging’ intact – it reminded me of the leatherbacks turtles at  Rantau Abang- not that I have seen one and not that I have been to Rantau Abang.  

Once we open the parcel.. the fragrant -not unlike that of dumplings drifted to our nostrils..the rice was very tasty and my favourite part was biting into the soft lotus seeds..hmmmm..nice

 Lemongrass chicken, I must say I was a bit taken aback at the petite size of the dish as it looked like the prop from a masak-masak game  complete with a wooden stove. Taste wise- another winner ! The chicken pieces were well marinated and burst of the distinct and refreshing flavour of lemongrass.

 Overall – an enjoyable meal. I likeyy very muchie ! All the food delivered to our table were delicious and the ambiance was great. I would come back again..if you are buying me dinner…haha. On top of the RM80 voucher , we had to folk out an additional RM17- what bad mathematicians we were !

We were charged RM1.90 for a glass of warm water. The prices for the dishes were pricey but probably fitting to the Feast Village range  …

Location :

LG 7, Feast  Floor, Starhill Gallery,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2143 9778


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