Pasar Ramadan Taman Desa

Posted: August 12, 2012 in @Taman Desa
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Although I do not observe fasting during the month of Puasa , maybe I should repharse that, I do not observe fasting regardless of the day/ month…I am always telling myself that I should try fasting one day… but mentally, I can’t even get past the possibility of surviving half  a (waking) day of fasting  how then ? Oh…I do fast for maybe 12 hours for the company annual blood test thingy but that was over the night , i usually make sure I am the second if not first to be in queue for the blood drawing exercise the next morning  in order to replenish my empty stomach ASAP… So for those who Puasa, I tabik you…for your perseverance and patience. 

When Ithink of puasa, I think of the pasar Ramadan ( sorry, I am not addressing the religious aspect of Puasa, but more from the gastronomical  angle), and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the colourful canopies amid the celah celah pokok  at the junction of Jalan Desa Bahagia at Taman Desa ( this is opposite Faber Tower on one side , and facing the  Taman Desa Food Court (next to the Shell Petrol Station)  which could only indicate one thing – Pasar Ramadan. If i remember correctly, for the previous years, the pasar Ramadan for Taman Desa was on the other / quieter side of Danau Desa, this ‘new’ location is definitely more noticeable and assessible.

 I forgot to count, but i think there were about twenty-ish stalls there

The ayam panggang stall…

One of the many stall selling drinks , what would you like ? Asam boi, jagong, milo, bandung + selasih, cincau + selasih, tembikai or  honey dew…

The satay makcik and her clan

Yummilicious satay by the dozens

 Buah melaka, pengat ubi plus other sweet stuff ..

The murtabak pakcik who asked me to make sure that he looked handsome in the picture

Mouth watering nasi goreng with ayam..

And my highlight for the day – Kuih Akok. This is a famous Kelantanese dessert- sweet, rich and superbly delicious . Akok are made with eggs, santan, sugar and flour.

This is how you make akok… pour the batter into the moulds…


Cook them over charcoal/gas fire…

Plus the friendly Kelantanese smiles…( sorry i missed part of yor head, Dik)

After a few minutes of heat – remove the fluffy and inviting looking akok from the moulds..

 It’s not easy to find good akok in KL ( maybe I have not been looking at the right places), to me the sign of a good akok is – the surface/ edges  of the akok must have crinkly ( full of wrinkles), maybe a bit of a near-char at the edges, fluffy, glistening with brown to dark brownish colouration < if the akok show signs of such appearance , then you might potentially have great tasting akok .  And this Akok stall at Taman Desa with the tagline –  ‘Raja Akok’- met all the criteria, appearance and taste. The akok are sold at RM2 for 3 pieces, these are rather larger in size than the regular akok. The Adik manning the stall is from Gua Musang and will be going home with his adik-adik on the 15th for Hari Raya.

Selamat berpuasa , Selamat Hari Raya and Happy holidays !

If you are interested in making akok, you can try the recipe from this link

  1. I dah senaraikan 10 bazaar ramadhan terbaik di KL dan lembah klang berdasarkan senarai populariti di internet dan review sites. Too much pasar ramadhan these days. So I help you guys to narrow it down. Layari blog ni yer:

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