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Posted: July 29, 2012 in @ Old Klang Road
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When I first saw the name Le Porc Dor on one of the Groupon’s  promotion, I thought the name belonged to a  French restaurant, then later found out that it was a play on words to make it sound French . And then  silly me thought that it was something Buddhist-y ( related to Por Thor or something to that effect) and assumed that it was a vegetarian restaurant .  I have been holding on  to the voucher to see if I could find weekends that would  coincide with the first  or fifteen  day of the Chinese calendar for this ‘vegetarian’ meal…( although the deal did say Chinese sausage with steamed chicken, pork slices and yam…I thought it’s like pseudo meat at a vegetarian restaurant one lorrr as my stubborn mind was fixated about ‘vegetarian ‘) but time was running out ( voucher expiry date was drawing near) , so any weekend seemed a good time to go vegetarian and I texted my makan kaki the day before the visit and said that we are going for a vegetarian meal…and only at night did I did  a web search and found that err…this was not a vegetarian restaurant . Me clever or not ?

The Groupon Deal :

 The setting at LPD was cozy, with marbled table tops and wooden chairs and a chalk written menu on the blackboard with  the astrisk–No MSG !

 We got to choose 2 soups ( from a list of nine) and decided to go with winter melon soup and lotus root,lobed Kudzuvine Soup莲藕葛汤 . the rest were fixed, so there was no need to exercise our grey matters.

Oh..before I go into the food matters, the Chinese name of LPD is 老婆多 ( translated to – many wives)  we asked the owners, what is the meaning behind the name, the lady boss replied that it is a man’s dream to have many wives ! Errr…!!  A friend once told me, one wife already headache liao..who needs more !! Maybe he is an exception..

The soups: The lotus, lobed kudzuvine soup was yummy yumyum..rich with flavours, I didn’t spot any dried octopus in it, but sure taste like they were there.

The barley winter melon soup was rather bland and paled in comparison to the kudzuvine soup above.

Stir fried yau mak with garlic –the yau mak still have some crunchiness to it and the taste was well balanced and no overkill from the garlic

Chinese sausage with steamed chicken and fungus— this felt like a homecoooked dish and reminded me of mum’s cooking and dinner time at home with mosquitoes flying over our heads and attacking our bare legs underneath the table. ( no, there are no mozzies at LPD). The steamed chicken was tender and the sausage were sausage-ish, the flavour of the sausage permeated the dish which made it fragrant and reminded me (so many reminders one this one dish..) of the Chinese new year waxed meat rice…

Pork slice and yam…ah….the yam piece crumbled under the touch..so soft and yummy. The fatty pork were a bit hard though..taste wise..nice…

Overall, I would say that this was an enjoyable meal, the service was friendly ( and the washroom was clean ). And if there were future deals, I think I will come again !

At the front of the shop, there was a display cabinets for cakes, which was kinda pelik for a Chinese restaurant, but Ms Boss explain that they run Bon Ton Cafe too..oh..that is why la..the best seller is the tiramitsu…


Location :

Block G-9, 3rd Mile Square,
  No 151, Jalan Klang Lama,
  Batu 3 1/2 , 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel :  03-7982 7236       Closed on Sundays ( beginning August 2012)

  1. Anonymous says:

    On the behalf of Le Porc Dor, i would like to thank you for your support, we will keep all your comments for improvements. Please do come and visit again and help us spread the words!
    Please like our page so that we could identify you and we might provide you some goodies!


  2. pegasuskl says:

    Thanks Kaylee, we enjoyed our meal at the Many Wives :P, we will be bacckkkkkk

  3. joe says:

    How come I can miss this restaurant leh, me staying nearby the area leh. Anyway food look good.

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Joe, never to late for a visit mah ! hope you enjoy the meal !

  5. joe says:

    Is it in 3rd Miles Square?

  6. pegasuskl says:

    Yes, the other end of PapaRich ( i.e not facing the main road)

  7. joe says:

    Ok got it, try to drop by tomorrow if u see a tall dark handsome guy that is me!!

  8. pegasuskl says:

    Drop me a line after your meal , would be interested to read about your comments . Tall , dark and handsome guy ah ? For ease of identification, can you pls do the Usain Bolt pose ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Groupon got promo @RM15 for 3 course meal, now I cant find any reason not to drop by.

    p.s can I do Usain Bolt pose at my home first before I drop by the restaurant? people will think I that I am cuckoo if I do it there!.


  10. pegasuskl says:

    HiHi Joe..got Groupon ahhh ? i better go check it out also lah if like that.
    Usain Bolt pose do at home ‘tak sah’ one , the purpose is to be recognizable not otherwise!

  11. pegasuskl says:

    Hey Joe..i checked out the Groupon promo, the offer is valid for the outlets at Lot 10 and Kenanga Wholesale City, does not include the 3rd Mile outlet .

  12. mohan333 says:

    Lot 10 I know lah where is this kenanga Wholesale City? every time i go all this shopping centre same problem cant find my car! the car park usually very big and confusing! haha. about this usain bolt pose really cannot leh who knows in future i become a cabinet minister then the they say aiya ah this minister ah how he become a minister one?!

  13. mohan333 says:

    Forget to ask u manage to try the German food at Pearl Point? U know just few km away there is a better place leh Scott Garden. very happening!! Oh ya i also cant find my car there.

  14. mohan333 says:

    Last call for the night. saw ur photo why are u posing like yoda doing yoga? haha
    joking only

  15. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Mohan- you seemed to have problems with car park and locating your car, take a taxi lah…or maybe walking can be an alternative. Why not walk while posing like Usain Bolt ? That will make you very memorable and might even have many hits on youtube – think fame and fortune > this might even be your ticket to be a cabinet minister worr.

  16. pegasuskl says:

    Like yoda I pose because I am yoda. With you may the force be. Yes, hmmm.

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