Afternoon tea at Dorsett Regency @ Subang Jaya

Posted: July 8, 2012 in @Subang Jaya
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Sometimes, you need to go up market a bit lah, and to me, having an English tea on a lazy weekend where you can sink yourself into thick and comfy upholstery and lift your little pinkie as your sip tea is something both aristocratic and elegant…. maybe I was thinking of the Queen , the one in England- in case you are wondering . Although I must say – and I guess you would know without me telling you that- I have not both of these quantities- the closest link to  aristocracy that I could think of  is I know of a friend who has a friend that has a Datukship. I don’t even know any datuk directly – let me rephrase that – there is no Datuk that know of me ..if there are any Datuk, Datin or Tan Seri that is reading this, please identify yourself, Do you have a FB account  ? Let’s go for tea hor ?

Back to tea and being a commoner…

I called Piano Loungue at Dorsett Regency a week earlier to reserved a place / to redeem the voucher (Don’t even talk about being aristocratic, have tea also must use voucher one…) and was lucky that I did as while we were having our tea the rest of the sofa spaces were being taken up. There were three of us and the high tea was for two, so we ordered an extra drink so that the third fella has something to sip .

 Sandwiches – we were served salmon sandwiches and incidentally the other two that I was sharing my meal with do not eat raw fish. And so , heroic me had to save the day and finished all the sandwiches- all four of ‘em. The salmon where thinly sliced, with some mayo and vegetable which made the filing moist but I find the bread slightly dry lah. 

The next tier were the scones and puffs… the puffs were savoury but maybe a bit too pasty and not that generous with the filings. I find the scones ok but the other two said that these were dry and ‘heavy’ so- guess who got to finished the scones too? But I am not complaining, I like scones and the burst of sweetness when you bite into a raisin

The third tier were the tarts and cakes- and guess who didn’t get to eat these ? I only got a bite of the carrot cake- which was nice- moist and rich. The chocolate layered cake thingy was soft and nice too. I didn’t get to taste the tartlets at all ! aAnd after finishing 4 sandwiches and 2 scones I guess I have to give the others a chance to taste the food too.

Overall, I won’t say that it was an outstanding afternoon tea but can lahh..

 Piano Lounge  +603-5031 6060

Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel
Address: Jalan SS12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya


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