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Chunny saw this Japanese BBQ makan place  featured on Ho Chiak- and that was how we ended at a open courtyard as the last few rays from the setting sun illuminated the metal table tops and the plastic chairs.

We asked the waiter what is good here, and his reply was “everything taste great here’,I think this guy deserve a raise. Three kind of meats were available : pork, beef and lamb. For pork the choices were : belly, shoulder loin, neck, ‘inside leg’ ( what is inside leg ah ?) and baby intestine, all for RM10/ plate ( ~ 100g) and also available are tongue, throat, liver, heart, stomach and small intestine from RM5-6. For beef, the choices are :brisket, ribeye, short ribs, steak, tongue which price ranging from RM10 to 25. For lamb there was only 1 selection : Gengiskhan RM20. There were three selection of vegetable, all priced at RM5 : mixed vegetable, miso cabbage and long cabbage salad.. For the non beer drinkers, the choice of drinks are rather limited: hot or cold green tea, 100plus and then the rest are beers. I don’t drink tea at night and worry about the 8 tablespoon of sugar in a can of softdrink  so…i guess we will have a Saporo (RM13) 

For our BBQ, We decided to go for pork shoulder loin , beef ribeye and mixed vegetable. The ribeye appeared to have been marinated whereas the pork is au naturale, I was a bit puzzled by the mixed vegetable of carrots, cabbage and onion, how do we bbq these ah, they were already so dry wor ?

We dropped the meat and the vegetable on the grill over the charcoal fire, mouth salivating, forehead sweaty, mascara running, nose smoking, fingers burning..We had this meal before the terrible Haze thingy, so we didn’t contribute to the pollution index.

The meat were cut rather thinly so they curled and cooked pretty fast, the marinate from the beef hid the beefy flavour and it was the pork in it’s natural juice and form that won the day. The owner  came by our table and rescued the cabbages which were getting carbonized over the fire and imparted a few wise words –  ‘ you grill lightly to soften the cabbage, there is no need to burnt it ’ BBQ cabbage wasn’t too bad but we burnt most of the carrots though.

Three  types of ramen  were available , pork, chicken and cold ramen, all three priced at RM10/bowl, the Pork ramen was highly recommended by the waiter who was non committal earlier. The ramen came with a few ( too few lah) thinly sliced  pork, half a boiled egg and bean sprouts. Taste wise, pretty good . And best was the pork, it was so porky, the fatty and lean layers gave it a tender and smooth texture. The texture of the ramen was springy. Nice.

After consuming all the above, there were still some space in our system and we decide to order the  Genghiskhan. Gengiskhan came in it’s own little ‘pot’ , there were some cabbages and gravy with the lamb bits, these were almost half ready when delivered to our table which was a good thing. The flavour was a garlicy, bean paste ( my guess, oh, maybe miso hor) and a tinge of chili. The lamb wasn’t gamey ( yayyy) , it was tender with a bit of a bite. And I must say the cabbage tasted better cooked in the pot with the gravy compared to the open fire. i think Mr Khan was delicious.

Overall, an enjoyable meal. Our visit was on a Friday and all the tables were more or less taken up. And as you would anticipated, after the meal you smell like a slab of meat cooked over the fire ( and probably look like one too )

Business hours : only starts in the evening to late.

Location ( the name on the bill was Sanuki Udon and the address printed on the bill was Jalan Bukit Desa, which must be for another branch (?)  :

Get yourself to Taman Desa, locate TM Point at Jalan Desa Utama or if you come from the other entrance into Taman Desa, locate Faber Tower, which is at the opposite end of TM Point. Geez…no wonder I always start with talking about food and end with the location. From TM Point, look for Public Bank, then go further right, you will come to a open courtyard.  And if you are at the Faber Tower end, find 7 Eleven then go further left until you some to an open courtyard.