Meals at Rayong @ Thailand

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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From Bangkok, we drove to Rayong, the journey took about 3 hours. Our host couldn’t find a place to stop for lunch ( more accurately – they couldn’t find a parking space) and so decide not to waste too much time  and headed off to Tesco Lotus. We surveyed the stalls at the food court but ended up at a Ramen store.. Japanese food in Thailand ..hmmmm…

I ordered duck ramen, the thin slices of duck meat had a bit of fat and skin on it and oh so tender and tasty, the ramen were springy too,  not a bad choice

We also had some gyoza ( dumplings) – filled with minced meat and taste wise not too much different from the gyoza in KL ..

 After lunch, it was work and work…

We checked into Rayong City Hotel and it was a good deal – 900Baht, inclusive of dinner and breakfast. The hotel tagline – The hotel that dare to be different > this sound a bit dangerous? One thing I find different was the housekeeping/ do not disturb sign

 The next day, work work work, then it was lunch time…Yayy.

 Deep fried fish paste- the fish paste patties were coated with cereal and then deep fried. The cereal coating gave a crunchy texture to the fish paste. the fish paste was firm and springy. Nice…

 Stir fried vegetable- I am not sure what was the name of the vegetable and my host keep on saying that this is a kind of grass. Huh ? grass ah ? the vegetable had a bit of ‘roughness’ to it and was rather fibrous..

 While we were digging into the meal, the hosts asked me to name my favourite Thai dish and I said ‘mango salad’ and they immediately summon the waitress to place an order.

When you are in Thailand, it was expected that tomyam should be on the table, so in order not to appear disrespectful of this national dish, we agreed to the order of tomyam, they choose to have the clear soup version- and told the cook – ‘mai phed’ = not spicy. The tomyam looked kinda harmless in its pale clear soup but after fishing out a few chili padi from my bowl, I was cautious when I took the first sip. It was bearably spicy, it was an instant wake me up stimulant . This was my mat salleh colleague’s  first trip to Thailand and  the Thais were laughing at the sweating and nose-watery  ‘farang’ ( foreigner) who was taking big gulps of beer.

 Laotian style Seabass – the seabass was deboned and the fish cubes deep fried, I couldn’t place the flavour of the gravy, it looked spicy but it was not, it was not sourish or sweet but an interesting in between flavour

Fried fish – just plainly pan fried plus a dash of soy sauce and tasty lah. The hosts said that as Rayong is coastal, getting fresh fish is not a problem. The fish came with mango salad as a side dish.

Crabmeat omelet –there were chunks of crabmeat in this omelet plus a handful of bean sprouts which was an interesting combination, this came with a bowl of chili sauce. The omelet was rather plain tasting except when you are lucky enough to get the portion with some crabmeat in it. I would say the taugeh did nothing but diluted the egg-ish taste and make the omelet a bit soggy lah.

Thai mango salad- the balance of the sweet/sour/spiciness was almost perfect. Albeit a bit too hot even with my best attempt to remove the bits of chili padi before chewing on them. This dish was beautiful. Farang continue with gulping mouthful of beer, and trying to put a stop to his watery nose

And the best dish of the day – deep fried catfish. Look closely at the picture below, peeping shyly underneath the brown mass is the head of the catfish, the brown mess is minced and deep fried fish meat. The meat had a mesh-liked and fluffy texture with a  heavy fishy taste. And the skin/ fins portion were deep fried and so crunchy.I thought catfish was only good for curry, I was wrong !  I likeyyy..

Overall, an enjoyable meal. Ah harn aloy ching ching. Khop khun marg marg.


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