Hello Bangkok !

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Sights
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Sawadee, greetings from Bangkok, Thailand

I am staying at the Miracle Grand Convention Hotel, the online booking rate is pretty good, http://www.miraclegrandhotel.com/ , I took up the special rate promotion under the 20th anniversary banner thingy and am enjoying my stay at the superior room inclusive of breakfast for 1,666Baht/night. The published rate for the superior room is 5,500Baht ! The room is very nice and comfy and definately worth much more than 1,666B per night ! ( for conversion rate,  use  RM1 ~10B)

There is also a tv in the bathroom..( sorry la..maybe nothing new to some of you to have a TV in the bathroom, but I am very sua-par kau ( read in hokkien : jungle monkey) oneThere were complimentary chocolates by the bed and sweet dessert in the fridge. There were 4 pieces of the chocs, I ate two before the pix was taken, I have a soft spot for choc and could not resist the temptation…There is only 1 grouse or oh  maybe 2 of the hotel  that I could think of …

The hotel is not far from the Lak Si train station and there is a railway line that is quite close to the hotel and I could hear the train from my room, I hope Thomas and friends do not work too late lah.

( new addition to the post- time: the next morning ~ 8 a.m.  : the railway line was very busy and i could hear the train coming / going rather often, i think within 30 mins i heard the train more than twice lah. Looking out the window, i can see the traffic building up and as well as getting a glimpse of the passing train

The most important grouse is – there is NOTHING to eat or shop near the hotel.  Chulabhorn Research Institute http://www.cri.or.th/en/index.php is next to the hotel, then there is the hospital with a highway liked road running parallel along the stretch..and nothing ! From the hotel map, Tesco and the IT Square looked like it is just next door and when I asked the lady at the  front desk which direction should I walk to head to Tesco, she said it’s impossible to walk , I will have to take a taxi, and it will take ~ 10 minutes. I decide to take a walk….and it was a long walk…..it took me about 15 minutes of brisk walking to reach the IT Square..a smallish, not too posh looking place,,anyway, I was just looking for something to eat and there was a few eateries and a food court thingy there too, so this was worth the walk lah

What I tarpau-ed for dinner

I don’t know what you call this thingy, it has a  thin and crispy batter and has two halves and you have a few variety of  fillings, including :  corn, yam or spring onion,  in a thin bed of coconut milk. This was rather delicious, the coconut milk portion was rich and a mixture of sweet and the santan saltiness to it, I find the ones with the corn fillings taste the best. The sign says 45B for 7 pieces, but the lady gave me 8 pieces, khop khun marg marg !

I also packed beef noodles soup , 50B..no pix . I have to eat  this directly from the plastic bag as I didn’t have a bowl in my room lah..this was not bad lah

Greedy me also packed two sweet drinks/dessert, one was purely gingko in lian chi kang kinda soup-this was just regular lah and this costs 35B, the other one 25B for any two variety, I went for  the Thai ruby thingy ( thub tim grob- the waterchestnut with the floury outer shell) with sweetened pineapple strips, for the liquid portion, I chose the coconut milk over the clear syrup, and was glad I did so, this was sickly sweet and so rich and fragrant. Yes,I remember the Malaysian Health ministry advise on the intake of sugar- 1 sudu sudah cukuppppppp….nevermind la..eat first lahhh…

Earlier in the day, where we were on the way to the hotel, we were caught in the Bangkok jam… saw an interesting modification of the Toyota logo..cute horr ? this is probably in relative to the number plate too, i guess…

Ok, that is all for the time being….


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