Of Mickey Mouse and KungFu @ Subang Jaya

Posted: June 10, 2012 in @Subang Jaya
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A bit of diversion from food – i was at Midvalley Megamall a few weeks ago and had the chance to have a look at the ‘Mickey Mouse through the years’ exhibition , where Mickey the well known rodent that is familiar to us all had a makeover …kinda interesting Would you have guessed that this was Mickey..? Inspired by Alice In Wonderland ? Hail Queen MickeyOk ok..back to food.

The food court at Carrefour in Subang Jaya was out of action for a few months and finally it re-opened a few weeks back, for the better , I think. Most of the stalls/ counters that exist before the renovation were retained with some additional new eateries / restaurants, one of them was Kung Fu . The Kung Fu signboard came with a figure of the Big Boss himself , Bruce Lee..The setting was simple with red and white plastic chairs.  One would order at the counter , then collect your food when  your number is called. During our visit, there weren’t that many customers and we had our food delivered to our table.What we ate..

Crispy pork chop coated with oatmeal ( RM9.90), the presentation was nice, a mayo net was cast over the pork chop, this came with a bowl of rice. The pork chop was in thin flatten section, it was crispy, can’t say we detect any oatmeal on the coating though. the pork was tender and well marinated. Nice.

I ordered ‘Ye Ye ( grandpa) ginger duck rice (RM8.50) , the duck was tender and the tasty gravy seemed to have fully penetrated the duck, making this very flavourful, there were plenty of soft and flavourful  ginger slices were deliciouos too. ah..nice. This came with a bowl of rice as well. I think they should use another serving plate lah, as there was a ‘blank’ section of the plate which looked a bit odd and undone.

Soup of the day (RM3.90) was ABC soup, we had about 4 small bowls of soup out of the bigger bowl. The pepper was a bit too strong for my liking but F liked it fine.

Century egg and pork porridge- the texture of the porridge was even and not too gooey, which was the way I liked it. there were generous amount of century eggs in this too and maybe a tad too heavy on the sesame oil but overall, not bad lah.

‘Khau yoke ‘ Pork and yam , with rice. This was not bad. The pork portions were kinda fat and oily but then if too lean then the meat would be dry and tough. The yam slices were soft and crumbled when touched. This was good too.

For an addition of RM4.90, we were get a plate of vegetable, 2 fried thingies and a drink. Well, we decided to try this  since all the other dishes that we ordered didn’t have much vegetables. This was  a bit of a disappointment, the portion of vegetable were so small only ah ? taste-wise ok lah. The fried stuff were fish tofu and something like ‘lorbak’- normal lah

Although all the dishes were rather salty, overall, pretty enjoyable meal, I am still puzzled what does the name KungFu got to do with the food served at KungFu,

 Location :
FO5, Second Floor,
Carrefour Shopping Centre, Subang Jaya.

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