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A long long long overdue post ( wayyy back in Jan)  –the dog ate my notes

This was another meal from the Groupon promotion..goodness me, it is almost like every post you see here is  a Groupon meal… how har ? how did I survive before Groupon ? Below are the details of the deal

 Radhey offers vegetarian cuisine and is located at the 3 ½ mile of Old Klang Road, most prominent landmark would be HSBC and Old Town Cafe. Our visit took place on a weekend and there were no problem in getting a parking space, I am not sure about the parking availability during weekdays though. We paid a flat rate of RM2/entry

You will have to climb a flight of stairs to get to Radhey..a bit of exercise before a meal…

The official website and you can view the menu online

The all you can eat buffet is priced at RM27.30 , which ( according to the menu) include variety of rice, vegetables, lentils, complimented with naan/tandoori roti, achar, papaad, chutney cut fruits and dessert. Below is the spread

 For the Groupon deal, for starters- we had a choice of  Hara Bhara Kabab, Paneer Kurkure Kabab, Papadi Chaat, Paneer 65, Sheesh Kabab, Cheese Palak Kabab, Aloo Chaat and Aloo Tikki..Errr…what ? I am know that I am useless in Japanese restaurants as I am not familiar with the names of the dishes and now I can add Indian cuisine to this list of ‘things I am useless in’.  My makan companion for the day was as mong char char /blur sotong as my goodself – this shortcoming meant that the waiter had to explain what were each of the items  on the list. Lucky for us, he was very patient one lor…We decided to go for the Papadi ( Papdi) Chaat.

We were questioning our choice when the Papadi Chaat arrived at our table, it looked kinda intimidating with all that white gooey stuff all over the place. But…when I took the first bite , the combination of the  crispy base , the cold sourish yogurt and combination of spices and apa-apa ingredients camouflaged ( maybe potatoes and chickpeas are there too ?) under the white yogurt storm was wonderful. Ahh…very nice

There were 3 choices of soup : Manchow soup, tomato soup and hot & sour soup. We went for the Manchow and tomato soup.The Manchow soup had cabbages, carrots and what looked like strands of crispy instant noodles in it, the flavour was soup- perut-ish . As for the tomato soup, this was seasoned with some spice and therefore didn’t taste like the western meal type of tomato soup. To summarize – I prefer the western style tomato soup.

For our carbo rations we decided to have naan and rice. And as for the mains we had , Paneer Pasanda : deep fried paneer ( cottage cheese), tomato and mawa cooked in creamy cashewnut gravy; and Paleek Paneer :homemade paneer, cooked with creamed spinach is a delicate blend of Indian spices

 The paneer pasanda was mildly sweetish and mildly spicy. This was very rich, tangy and creamy. I had somehow mistook the paneer for tofu as they had ( according to me) a similar texture….yummyy. The paleek paneer was creamy, green and rich. I liked it so much and  was eating this in spoonfuls instead of with the naan, enjoying each mouthful of the smooth creamed spinach

 Extracted from Wikipedia –  Paneer is  an unaged acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese of curd cheese  made by curdling heated milk  with lemon juice, vinegar, or any other food acids.  Unlike many cheeses in the world, the making of paneer does not involve rennet as the coagulation agent,  thus making it completely lacto- vegetarian and providing one of the sources of protein for vegetarians in India. It is generally unsalted.

For dessert , we had mango and pistachio kulfi. The mango kulfi was delicious. It was creamy and rich. The pistachio kulfi was a bit of a disappointment- the flavour pistachio was overpowered by strong milky-ish flavour, the texture of the pistachio kulfi was a bit uneven as well

 Overall, it was an enjoyable meal

 Business Hours: Mondays 6:00PM – 10:30PM  , Tuesdays to Sundays 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM

 Location :
No. 23-1, 3rd Mile Square, 151 Old Klang Road, Batu 3 ½ 
Kuala Lumpur 58100
Tel : 012 3733225

The meal at Desa Kopitiam for 2 pax from the Groupon promotion was for ‘Authentic local set meal with watermelon + ABC for RM15 instead of RM27 ,  the promo include :

Since an earlier incident where I lost track of the expiry dates of one of the Groupon vouchers and suffered a loss of RM20 ( and the missed opportunity of a meal that might change my life), I have created a folder for my vouchers and hope that there will not be anymore of such wasteful incidents ! Rugi la…

Getting a parking space at Danau Desa can be chaotic, I don’t see that many people around but the parking lots were always full.  I wonder where all these cars were from ?  Anyway, we were lucky today and managed to find a parking space reasonably easy, must be a spillover of good karma from Wesak day yesterday ka ?

The ambience at Desa Kopitiam was cozy, with wooden furniture. The seating areas at the inner part of the cafe was airconditioned while the outer section at the five foot way were equipped with ceiling fans 

After showing our voucher to the waiter, we were provided with the menu and told of the five choices for the main course  : fish head noodles, chicken noodle soup, curry laksa, kampong fried rice or fish paste noodles, – we decided to go for the  fish head noodles and curry laksa.

The fish head noodles- the soup was rich and on the verge of being creamy –this was rather enjoyable, the soup was not overly sourish which is the version that i prefer lah. There were 3 large pieces of fish but not that much of meat and I find the pieces a bit over-fried making the meat a bit tough.

Curry laksa- the soup had that fresh and spice taste that clears up your head and your nostrils ( in a good way). The chicken was just rightly cooked- the meat was  smooth and tender. There were generous amounts of fish paste slices and bean sprouts in the soup. There were also long beans in the laksa, missing was the cockels ( see-ham)..Ohh Seehum…where art thou lerrr ?

 The ABC ( ice kacang) looked fabulous and taste pretty good too, only complain is that  it was a bit too sweet probably due to the large amount of gula melaka in the shaved iced. Apart from the usual ABC ingredients like- cincau, jelly ( I usually do not consume those colourful cubes of jellies that appears in ABC but I liked the firm texture of the jelly served at Desa Kopitiam), red beans, corn, cendol and peanuts- there were canned lychees in the ABC, which added a nice twist of flavour to this dessert 

Service was commendable, the staff were quick to attend to the diners needs and were clearing the debris on the tables  promptly and efficiently

Overall, an enjoyable meal.

Location : the kopitiam is at a corner lot , and is by the roadside.
No. 5-0-12, Jalan 3/109F, Taman Danau Desa 
Kuala Lumpur 58100
Tel :  012-330 1711 / 017-332 3286