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The makan place was a distance away from the hotel and we had plenty of time to chit chat in the car. In the four wheel drive, we have –  our assigned driver- he of  the strong and silent type,  three other chirpy Filipino ladies and a hungry Malaysian. Conversation range from Kitchen Musical – a  TV series shown on ntv7 a few months back and 19 countries across southeast asia and Europe..– a series which was developed in Singapore . the show was about about going-ons in the kitchen of a restaurant with lots of singing and  featuring many Filipino talents ( including ah..the oh so dreamy Christian Bautista ), Carmen Soo- the fellow Malaysian who starred in numerous filipino telenovelas and is a household name in Philippines and Jessica Sanchez- a filipino –american, who is at the moment  one of the Top 7 finalist in  American Idol season 11.Picture of Christian ( oh he is  so dreamy…) below copied from

 We arrived at Flyover Ihaw-Ihaw in high spirits ..

I was , as usual asked the question ‘what would you like to eat ?’ and my standard answer -which was not very helpful was ‘ I eat anything, just order and I will eat them all’ . The picture below showing the counter where the ordering took place

From Google translate – Ihaw Ihaw = barbeque grill. The place was running a full house during the time of our visit and we had to wait for a few minutes for the servers to clear the table  The setting  was basic and casual. The crowd look relaxed , happy and almost everyone were talking loudly and having a good time . Hey, this is my kind of place !

The menu

At the counter, one could inspect the wares before ordering

Chicken on sticks waiting to be cooked over charcoal fire

Clam soup …this was also a sour type of soup . The flavour from the mollusk  was stronger than the fish soup that I have been enjoying the last few days. It was rich yet with a clear,  sharp and fresh taste … ahh…this was lovely

I missed taking a picture of the grilled chicken as i was busy slurping the yummy clam soup they were placed a bit too far away from where I was sitting. I hesitated a few seconds before taking a piece as they came in big portions,  it was like a quarter of a chicken on each skewer and I wasn’t sure I could  finish my share, but they were so tasty so  there were no reasons to have any leftovers.

Grilled pork, chicken gizzard and other innards- these were grilled and coated with some sweetish sauce . The flavour from the charcoal fire plus the marinate made these so very tasty.

Mixed seafood on hot plate – a combo of fish, squid, prawns and clams.  Yum yum, life is good..

Prawns – I think these were barbequed – taking into consideration the clam soup and my daily quota for cholesterol enriching food , I gave this a miss.

 Overall, an enjoyable meal. I think ( it was difficuly to eavesdrop la as my host paid for the meal) the meal was about PP2100 ( ~ RM150) for the meal -7 pax plus rice and drinks

Location :
D.Quinones Road,
Tel 227 1156

Continuing with my food encounters in the Philippines….

It was a long long day and everyone was tired .It was a relief to finally head back to the hotel and a second relief was that we are eating at the hotel.. ..i know what we usually say about hotel food ..i.e. in a negative sense…but sometimes you just wanna fill your tummy and get over with it , so that you could move on to other things like : get a shower and extract  the grime and sweat out of your hair in the quickest time possible and then glue yourself  to the TV before getting some shuteye..

La Parilla is one of the restaurants at the Waterfront Hotel. Seafood seemed to be the main star of the menu…my hosts did the ordering at the counter…

First up was Fish soup..the fish was lapu-lapu- which is a type of grouper . Fish soup is not a common ingredient featured in Cantonese soup ( I am saying this based on what came out from my mum’s kitchen)  but as we are in the Philippines, we are not talking about Cantonese food here, are we ? Apart from the fish, I spotted Chinese cabbage, tomatoes chili and slices of ginger in the soup. The soup was sourish with a rich fishy fragrant .’s comforting and warm…I enjoyed it…

Pinakbet – Stir fried vegetable – a mixture of bittergourd, brinjal, ladies fingers, longbeans,  and maybe pumpkin or some tuberish plant  ? the gravy taste like bean paste ( tau cheong), which I later found out to be bagoong , which according to Wikipedia is a Filipino  condiment made from  fermented fish or shrimps and salt –kinda like budu ?  It was a bit salty but I find this dish rather tasty and the vegetables were cooked just right without been over or under-cooked. 

Mangrove Jack, a.k.a. managat or red snapper   this is another name for , the fish was deep fried and oh so the picture below, you can see some blackish cubes under the fish- that’s Pork Liempo , grilled pork belly – these tasted like char siu ..

 The last dish to arrive was crabs – looking perfectly beautiful drench in gravy and garnishing. I took a piece  and found the meat to be very soft, err…a bit too soft that left me pondering  the freshness of these creatures. Maybe Filipino crabs has a different texture than Malaysian crabs ? I dunno… I finished that one piece while saying a silent prayer for protection against food poisoning

The total bill, plus rice and drinks came close to 5200 peso , which was kinda pricy but then again- this is probably hotel rates…Overall, an average meal and happy to report that my stomach was perfectly ok.the ambiance was cozy 

Spotted at the entrance to the building housing the rooms…( a familiar sign for some of us )

This was my first trip to First Subang so we did a bit of a walkabout to check out the complex, it was a mid sized complex , looked very new and not that busy.

We decide to give The Library a try.  It was not a regular lunch hour, ~ 2pm, we were the only patron there . We were inside the complex and only saw a smallish door which was too small to be a main door so  we walked all over the place inside the complex and yet failed to find  a more entrance-ish kinda door, so we resort to slipped in thru the side door. where kegs of beers lined the walls. The deco  : shelves of books, kimono clad mannequin with a lampshade as its’ head, dozens of colourful Japanese fish kites/flags and large overhead TVs graced the restaurant – mainly showing football and  one was showing music videos. While the PA emitted  a wide variety  of songs ranging from Lady Gaga to Boney M to Thai and Malay songs.

The ala carte menu seemed pretty pricy, what attract us was the set meal, which was RM16.90 ++inclusive of drinks, main course plus appetizer.

For drinks , I had iced lemon tea- which was a very much watered down version and the others that had coke complained that these were flat.

For the appetizer : it was either  mushroom soup or salad. The mushroom soup was rather watery and had bits in it that I think must be mushroom. My choice of salad seemed  a better option as I got a big bowl of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and capsicum- the sauce was nothing great though- it looks like thousand island but taste like mustard ?

Fish and chips- I liked the thick chips , and as this was the fish dish to arrived and we were distraughtly hungry, everyone attacked this dish.  The 4 pieces of fish squares were deep fried, taste was pretty ok even without the chili sauce. Only complain was that they were a bit heavy handed with the salt on the chips.

Stuffed chicken leg – came with rolled up chicken meat , a blob of mashed potatoes and some steamed vegetable – carrots, French beans and cauliflower. The chicken meat were cut into sheets and then rolled, at the centre of the roll were some mushy softer stuff which tasted like liver- which some (like me) liked and some otherwise. I feel that these chicken roll were fried for a bit too long as the meat were overly dry and hard. The mash potatoes were creamy though.

Chicken Fajita – this started a discussion :  did the popiah come first or the Fajita…I dunno, do you ? Chicken cubes plus lettuce and some other chopped vegetables were rolled with the soft fajita and seasoned with some mayo. This was not too bad although the chicken could use with a little bit more of marinate as it was rather bland. This dish came with a generous portion of chips as well.

Overall, an ok meal and the servings were rather large.

There are a multitude of beers available by the kegs or off the tap. Live band are available on Friday and Saturdays.

The Library
Lot G1, G2 and G27, Ground Floor,
First Subang, SS15/4G
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel : 010 877 7237 / 7238