Flyover Ihaw- Ihaw @ Davao City, Phillippines

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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The makan place was a distance away from the hotel and we had plenty of time to chit chat in the car. In the four wheel drive, we have –  our assigned driver- he of  the strong and silent type,  three other chirpy Filipino ladies and a hungry Malaysian. Conversation range from Kitchen Musical – a  TV series shown on ntv7 a few months back and 19 countries across southeast asia and Europe..– a series which was developed in Singapore . the show was about about going-ons in the kitchen of a restaurant with lots of singing and  featuring many Filipino talents ( including ah..the oh so dreamy Christian Bautista ), Carmen Soo- the fellow Malaysian who starred in numerous filipino telenovelas and is a household name in Philippines and Jessica Sanchez- a filipino –american, who is at the moment  one of the Top 7 finalist in  American Idol season 11.Picture of Christian ( oh he is  so dreamy…) below copied from

 We arrived at Flyover Ihaw-Ihaw in high spirits ..

I was , as usual asked the question ‘what would you like to eat ?’ and my standard answer -which was not very helpful was ‘ I eat anything, just order and I will eat them all’ . The picture below showing the counter where the ordering took place

From Google translate – Ihaw Ihaw = barbeque grill. The place was running a full house during the time of our visit and we had to wait for a few minutes for the servers to clear the table  The setting  was basic and casual. The crowd look relaxed , happy and almost everyone were talking loudly and having a good time . Hey, this is my kind of place !

The menu

At the counter, one could inspect the wares before ordering

Chicken on sticks waiting to be cooked over charcoal fire

Clam soup …this was also a sour type of soup . The flavour from the mollusk  was stronger than the fish soup that I have been enjoying the last few days. It was rich yet with a clear,  sharp and fresh taste … ahh…this was lovely

I missed taking a picture of the grilled chicken as i was busy slurping the yummy clam soup they were placed a bit too far away from where I was sitting. I hesitated a few seconds before taking a piece as they came in big portions,  it was like a quarter of a chicken on each skewer and I wasn’t sure I could  finish my share, but they were so tasty so  there were no reasons to have any leftovers.

Grilled pork, chicken gizzard and other innards- these were grilled and coated with some sweetish sauce . The flavour from the charcoal fire plus the marinate made these so very tasty.

Mixed seafood on hot plate – a combo of fish, squid, prawns and clams.  Yum yum, life is good..

Prawns – I think these were barbequed – taking into consideration the clam soup and my daily quota for cholesterol enriching food , I gave this a miss.

 Overall, an enjoyable meal. I think ( it was difficuly to eavesdrop la as my host paid for the meal) the meal was about PP2100 ( ~ RM150) for the meal -7 pax plus rice and drinks

Location :
D.Quinones Road,
Tel 227 1156
  1. Sumptuous® says:

    Lose interest in their food after seeing how that bald fat fart bruce lim behaves on TV!

  2. Jobless Girl says:

    Looks yummy. I like this food.

  3. pegasuskl says:

    haha..AhSumpt, don’t like that mahhh…i have never watch that so called ‘bald fat fart ‘ fella in action- so i am not biased ! 😛

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