Pontian Wantan Mee @ Kuchai Lama

Posted: March 28, 2012 in @ Kuchai Lama
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Due to some unforeseen circumstances , I would have to take a mini break from posting the Philippines food adventure …

And another diversion, I was at Tesco a few months back, browsing by the toy section and was intrigue  by two of the toys.  The first  : The True Hero, power gun, and the description – Special gun and very funny. I examined the toy thoroughly to find something humorous about this toy but couldn’t, I guess you have to take the manufacturer’s word for it that it will be funny

The second toy, a bow and arrow set, described as :  High speed, amused funny and superior performance 🙂 

Ok, let’s talk about food now..

Another groupon deal :- [Up to 56% Off] 10 Choices of Wan Tan Noodles + Mixed Appetiser Platter + Fruits + Drinks at Pontian Wantan Mee. Choose Meal for 2 (RM13) / 4 People (RM23)

The herbal drink of the day was dragon eye ( longan), other available drinks include cincau, ice lemon tea, honey lemon, soya bean, tea, coffee, canned drinks etc

For the noodles- the prices range from RM 5+ to 6+ depending on the serving size ( small or big) and the type of noodles. There are a variety of wantan mee with a  selection of sauces including : black sauce, white sauce, tomato sauce,  chili sauce, tomato + chili sauce, or  the soupy version. Also on the noodles menu are : minced pork noodle, dry noodle with curry chicken , dry wantan mee. Rice were  also available : nasi lemak , chicken rendang nasi lemak, roast pork rice and BBQ pork rice

We chose for our meal : wantan mee in black sauce and dry noodle with chicken curry

The black sauce wantan mee  had a bland and one dimensional flavour – it was salt-ish  and that was it, the char siu was hard and dry. The wantan skin was too thick and they were not very generous with the filling. my makan kaki said that the sauce tasted funny…( almost as funny as the toys at Tesco ?)

I had the curry mee, sad to say, the flavour was again one dimensional, it was salty and that was it, the expected fragrant of curry was not present. There were 3 large pieces of chicken in the bowl , tenderness was ok but lacking in taste. The potatoes were soft and melt in the mouth and the deep fried wanton was much more palatable than the soupy version.

The side dish consist of 1 piece of fish ball, 2 piece of otak-otak  and 5 pieces of fried wanton. The fish ball was not too bad, springy and taste was good. The otak2 came covered in banana leaves, a bit of spiciness but I can’t make out what it was- taste wise was ok.

 For fruits- we were served papaya and watermelon.

The ambience was good, the place looked very clean and presentable.

Overall – a so-so meal. Based on what we ate, I don’t think there will be a follow up visit.

Location :

45G, Jalan Kuchai Maju 1, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 – 7982 8272


  1. Sumptuous® says:

    Is this the one with a black signage? Heard they tapau-ed a few days back! It’ll be tough even with a good ambience if they serve mediocre food.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hey AhSumpt, i was just around the area on sunday, they are still around. The shop u mentioned must be a different one lorrr

  3. Sumptuous® says:

    I muz have mistaken la Ah Peg!

  4. Jobless Girl says:

    Saw this coupon in Groupon… It a good deal.

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