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Posted: March 18, 2012 in @ Bangsar
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A very late posting for a meal we had before Christmas 2011…

This was another promotional meal from Groupon , the total meal was valued at RM58.20 and one only have to pay RM24. Err..not easy to resist..and at that time we thought that since nobody was going to invite us  for Christmas dinner, we have to invite ( and pay) ourselves , desperate time call for desperate measures !

Before this trip, I have never been to UOA Bangsar.  There was a crossroad  and we saw the UOA building on our right , we then made a U-turn at the traffic light and to get to the car park – we had to  pass  through a rather sad alley which then led us to the brightly lit car park…

The Groupon promo :

 For appetizer, Chunny had the turkey mango crepe and I chose the pumpkin soup.The turkey mango crepe : it was  a pleasant surprise ( although it did say it was turkey mango crepe) to bite  into mango which adds a freshness  to the crepe , this was also aided by  the lettuce,  the crepe was light and served warm..not bad..

Pumpkin soup – umm.. this taste like pumpkin soup, nothing unusual. Additional point given as the bun was warm.

For the main course, it was not too difficult a choice, one would logically chose the more expensive option  amongst the lot. So we chose the seafood and the grill and left out the ‘cheaper’ spaghetti. Yeah, we are practical  folks. Chunny had the fisherman’s wharf – which was a seafood platter consisting of deep fried scallops, calamari rings, prawns and fish. Taste wise, not too bad, the batter was light and did not overpower the sweetness of the seafood.

 The Farmer selection was not bad at all, the meat were tender and well marinated, what I liked best was the gravy, I  am not sure what gravy it was, but I likeyy. I am not someone who like gravy on my food, but I made an exception for this, it looks like black pepper but didn’t have that hot pepperish taste, it had a bit of sweetish taste to it too.i don’t know what it was but I like it lah.

 For the appetizer, we chose one each of creme brule and cake of the day- which happen to be green tea cake. When the cake arrive, it looked kinda minute to be costing RM7 as stated on the Groupon deal. The cake was not too bad but we didn’t have much to go around as it was such a tiny piece, I find the texture of the creme brule a bit too liquid-y and it didn’t have that texture and taste of richness to it.

Overall, an enjoyable meal..

 location :

Unit 2-7, Second Floor.
Menara UOA Bangsar,
No.5, Jalan Bangsar Utama,
59000 KL
Tel : 2282 2242

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