The streets of Hanoi Part III

Posted: March 6, 2012 in @ Old Klang Road

Our walkabout took us passed a stall that sells all sort of tools 

 A stall that sells plastic bags,  the blue bags looks kinda familiar ?  Did someone nicked ‘em from IKEA ?

Unlike Malaysia where buildings along the street might look like one another or at least have some resemblance to their immediate neighbors, the buildings in Hanoi have their unique style and design and who cares about neighbors anyway, why have the same look?  

 We stopped by The Traditional House at 87 Ma May – built in the 19th century.  This is the kitchen area ( the electric rice cooker  in the pix below is probably a new addition)

 The WC ( drop me a line if you don’t get it)

  I refrain from taking more pictures because there were many sales item/ souvenirs placed all over the available spaces,  it spoilt the charm of the old house…

 Another touristy stop at the  Bac Ma Temple ( temple of white horse) , extracted from  :  Legend has it that after moving the capital to Thang Long, King Ly Thai To prayed Saint Long Do to support him in constructing a citadel. Afterwards, in the king’s dream, a white horse showed him how to construct a stable citadel. Saint Long Do was conferred as tutelary God of Thang Long (Thanh Hoang Quoc do Thang Long). The temple dedicated to Long Do was namedTempleofSaint White Horse(Den Bach Ma). It is believed that Bach Ma Temple was built in IX century and restored many times. It is one of four spiritual guardian gates protecting the Thang Long Citadel: Bach Ma Temple in the east,VoiPhucTemplein the west,Kim LienTemple in the south and QuanThanhTemple in the north.

The offerings made to the deities rather interesting. Choco-pie for the goddess

One of a  pair of a tubby looking guardian of the temple  …( maybe he ate too much of the Choco-pies ) .

Saw an interesting pub on the way.. i wonder will the not so polite pubs have some form  of warning to the public of the level of the politeness ? 

 St Joseph Cathedral is a roman catholic cathedral constructed in 1882  . Read more about it here :

 The inside of the cathedral  ..a service was taking place during the time of our visit

 I liked this stained glass design

 The compound of the cathedral is huge , there was a man-made little hill

 Amid the lush greeneries ..

 Beside the Cathedral was a cafe ..and Starbucks should be envious- look at the crowd !  What a good way to spend  Sunday evening, lepak-ing with your friends, enjoying a glass of lemon tea and munching on sunflower seeds …

 Back on the streets we saw a group of Japanese tourists on pedicabs ( while i lament on my sore feet…)


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