Fish Farm Thai Restaurant @Ampang

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Ampang
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We were suppose to spend sometime at the Look Out Point but then it started to rain, so we only got to see the skyline though the car windows..a pity..Anyway, that meant dinner was to be half an hour earlier. No one is complaining ! Traveling on the road leading to Fish farm Thai Restaurant was an adrenalin rush experience , the untarred road was very steep and narrow.After a few minutes of silent praying …suddenly you arrive at a lush green open area…

Before being ushered to our table, we saw some rice cakes being grilled

The dessert section….

The fishes…( uncooked ) 😛

And what we had for dinner…

Mango salad with Keli fish (RM18) – bits of keli fish were sprinkled on the mango salad, we attacked this cautiously as the landmines ( read: Chili padi) dotted the dish. The taste lacked depth (not sure about the width and height though..) . Can’t say that this made any Ummppp impression ..

Pandan chicken (RM16)- the pandan packages arrived at our table piping hot. After unwrapping the pandan layer, the meat inside the pandan cocoon had some burnt bits which add to the flavour, although I think the chicken could do with more marinate plus I can’t really taste the flavour of the pandan

Tauchu kangkong (RM12) – because of the kids at the table , we ordered kangkong with tauchu instead of kangkong belacan.  The dish was a bit too salty

Belacan brinjal (RM8) – we asked for a ‘not too spicy’ version, I guess that was the mistake as it turned out a bit boring. The cook must have removed the brinjal a bit too soon as they were still kinda hard and hadn’t yet absorb the flavour of the belacan.

Homemade fish cake (RM8) – the fish cake was kinda tough which is what I think the Thai version is like compared to Malaysian fishcake which are softer and springier. I rather liked this, although the others at the table thought otherwise, which was a good thing as I get to eat way way more than my share of the fish cakes

Seafood Otak-otak (RM15) – digging into the banana leaves revealed the  rich and fishy content of the otak-otak, and curiouser and curiouser –again I get to eat more than my fair share of the otak-otak, I guess that is the strategy-like what the others do not favour ! That could lead up to yours truly ending up being eligible for Extreme makeover :weight loss edition. eh..then i can be on TV..hmm….

Curry powder crab (RM55)) – this dish was rather enjoyable, the gravy was rich and aromatic . Although they were a bit on the scrawny side, the crab meat was sweet

Crab (RM27.50) – this grilled version was a tad too dry and probably add on to  the scrawniness by another 20% ! i prefer the curry powder version

Seafood Tomyam (RM18) – I admit being a chicken when it comes to spicy food, and when I saw the redness of the tomyam gravy, I decide to give it a pass. But then was prompted to give it a sip after those that tried it gave their thumbs up. Hmmm..this was not bad, got kick one ! The right balance of spiciness / sour. Nice..

BBQ Telapia (RM30) –deposits of chunky salt crystals were found on the skin of the Telapia, after some scrapping, the meat were distributed, the verdict -not much of flavour, I think we must have removed too much of the crystals guarr BBQ sotong (RM22) – I think this is the best BBQ sotong I have tasted in all 25 years of my life..err…who is counting lahh…I say 25 then trust me mah..why you so like that one, give face a bit bit lahh..i count in dog years cannot meh ? Back to the sotong…it was firm yet soft, spring not tough, sweet and the flavour of sotong-ness just oozes out in bucketloads…everything you could ask for in a sotong .

Overall, I must say that it was an average meal, although the green/ jungle-like/  rural  environment had its charm. And another plus point- although the restaurant was packed – we didn’t have to wait long for the food to arrive. The total bill ( plus drinks, rice and for some dishes we had ordered double portions) came to RM345

NB: Some shopping can be done here as well, shopping for vegetables that is, as there were bundles of them on sale. And if you want to try tody, you can get them here too.

Business hours : 11:00 am – 11:30pm, open daily

 Location : Km 4, Jalan Ampang,Hulu Langat,68000Ampang
Tel: 017 2515235 / 0192606493
Map – copied from their official website

Website :

  1. Sumptuous® says:

    Hey Peg, tried here once and don’t find anything extraordinary. Wonder why it’s always jam packed with ppl?? Love the tom yam though.. really got kick, just like what you’ve claimed!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Ah Sumpt – yalor, the place quite popular one lor, must be that back to nature, rustic feeling guar..

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