Imperial Treasure Super Beijing Duck Restaurant @ Paragon, Orchard Road

Posted: February 9, 2012 in @ Old Klang Road
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Lunch was scheduled downtown and a bit of window shopping time was allocated so we left the abode a bit earlier but apparently not early enough as the car parks were full by the time we got to town. We saw large size elephants statues on  the streets, hey, it’s the Elephant Parade- their mission : to   be the world’s largest financial support organization for the Asian Elephant. These elephants will be put on sale. To read more, go to these life size statues  are too big for your living room, you can go for the smaller version- all for a good cause

Enough of shopping , time for lunch !

They probably thought about competing in  the longest name for a restaurant competition – Imperial Treasure Super Beijing Duck Restaurant ( ITSBD) …what a mouthful. Wow , that got me thinking of naming my future restaurant : Spring Garden Fried Kangkong In Superior Fermented Prawn Paste Restaurant (SGFKISFPPR)

The restaurant was posh and sleek, err…maybe I shouldn’t make fun of the name.. and this is the country where the phase ‘don’t play play’ originated…i might get a letter from a lawyer soon ..oh…..  

 I was feeling rather hungry and ate quite a large number ( ok lah, I admit I ate 90% of what was on the plate ) of the honey coated cashew nuts. I lub lub cashews..

For starters , we had a taste of the dimsum offered by Super Duck.

The raddish cake was superb, so soft, so aromatic , so tasty, I lub lub Super Duck raddish cake.

Xiao long pau ( dumplings)  –soft thin skin, filings were good too. Nice

 Egg white with truffle oil – this was the first encounter for truffles and humble little ( err..not so little) me, the flavour was subtle yet the mushroomy fragrant got it’s message across. Egg whites are just superb as a canvas for flavours. Me lub truffles. i don’t think the kids liked this though.

 Black chicken and dried scallops soup ( hey, another good name for a restaurant), I thought that taking a picture of what was in the soup was better than a picture of the clear soup. From the carcass, I think there were some ‘normal’ chicken in the soup too. Dried scallops make such tasty soup.

And the dish where the restaurant got it’s name –Beijing duck.

Step 1 – carve the crispiest part of the skin , which incidentally is  from the duck breast


This crispy duck skin is dipped into some sugar. Nice super thin crispy tasty skin, the sugar didn’t do much for me but rather reminded me of eating the crispy part of roti canai/ prata with sugar, which led to comparing the duck skin with roti canai , which led to a non- conclusionable conclusion of which taste better with sugar.

The rest of the skin and meat were sliced and we wrapped our own duck pancake. Coat pancake with sauce, add slice of duck, piece of cucumber and some spring onions. Roll them up and enjoy. I found the pancake a bit heavy and thick, which camouflaged the fragrant of the duck. Maybe I should have used more of the sweetish sauce.The waitress helped to wrap the rest of the duck meat

We were already full and then the gigantic dish arrive ..walau-eh, i guess this little fella didn’t make it to the market and what red and protruding eyes you have,  little piggy.  

There were a lot of guilt …a whole lot of guilt as I bit into the crispy thin skin , this is sin food ! ARRRGGggg…gimme another piece

The meaty part of piggy were then transported back  to the kitchen for a makeover and Voila, we have another dish fried piggy pieces, these were rather tasty with bits of spring onions, salt and chili, but a bit dry and there weren’t too much meat on the bones –baby piggy mah

The bill came to ~ $560. Overall, an interesting and good meal. Thanks , SK for the treat.

 Location :
#05-42/45 Paragon,290 Orchard Road . Tel : +65 6732 7838

oh…. i saw an interesting road sign the other day.

This is probably the gathering place for the kaypohs well-informed in Singapore

  1. the food looks delicious. Kay Poh road is certainly amusing.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hihi Smitten, thanks for dropping by. was good. As for Kay Poh road, need i say more ? 😀

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